20 wonder-filled videos for kids of shapes, sizes, and ages.

Sometimes I can’t believe how many free, wonder-laced things are available for the imagination to grab and use. All 20 of these videos include a variety of beautiful images, humane wonderings, creativity, and fantasy interspersed with nature for little minds to ponder.

1 The Old Man and The Tree from the Children’s Museum of the Arts Blog tells a story in claymation created by kids.

2 The Dog Who Was A Cat Inside by Siri Melchior) is a beautiful short animation about a dog who can’t seem to get along with the cat inside him.

3 Pichanasti from the New Words Project superimposes sketches on images from street life. Interesting and thought-provoking.

4 Bubbles by Gabriela Zapata explore bubbles.

5 Le Boulanger from Supamonks is a French short showing a day in the life of a baker.

6 Wynken, Blynken, and Nod by Marla Mrowka is a sweet, hand-sketched rendition of a classic children’s story song.

7 Workshop Animation Medley from the Children’s Museum of the Arts Blog is full of fun.

8 Eggs from the Children’s Museum of the Arts Blog uses children’s drawings to show all the neat animals and beings which can hatch from eggs provided you have the imagination to allow it.

9 Cellegratonia from the New Words Project is a short animated story that will inspire little folks to tell their own stories with handmade paper dolls.

10 Spike and Bubbles by Dan Forgione is a neat short for little ones.

11 Mollendo Cafe by Anik Rosemblum shows the coffee production process with Latin folk music and animation.

12 Seven Little Houses by Lesley Barnes is an animated exploration of the number seven.

13 Abuela Grillo by The Animation Workshop combines Brazilian textile arts with music and brings Latin American local culture to life.

14 Bed of Moss by Kurtis Hough explores the mossy textures of Oregon.

15 Underwater Opera from Escape to Nature puts underwater ocean life to opera.

16 Monument Valley by Les Projectiones des Cabanes offers haunting and awe-inspiring view of this natural landscape.

17 Alphabet Town by Bryan Evans follows the adventures of Spot the dot and Zero the number when they meet the letters in Alphabet Town.

18 Harvey and Friends by Bryan O’Sullivan is an animated short for little people who enjoy Irish accents. Truly sweet.

19 It Fell From the Sky by Jason Ruddy tells a tale of a friendship between a man and a fallen angel he finds in a tree. Kindess.

20 Berlin Block Tetris by Serjeg Hein pokes fun at communist building styles with a friendly little game of building tetris.

If you like these and would like to see more, drop by my Learning at Home Channel on vimeo and pine away a rainy day.

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