A hunt for fairy abodes.

Today we went on a hunt for fairy abodes. To find fairies, we first needed to know more about how they live. We know that fairies, like all hidden folk, are usually all around us but remain invisible. This is partly because they are often active when we are sleeping or celebrating or doing other things.

Their time is the in-between time– the space between seasons, like Halloween or early spring; the daily transition periods of dusk and dawn; and especially Midsummer Night’s Eve and Winter Solstice. On these days, time seems to stand still and shudder as the length of the day starts to reverse itself. That crack in time, that small disturbance in the order of the earth, allows hidden folk to make themselves known to us.

For there is nothing ordinary about the appearance of hidden folk or fairies. They show up when things are not as usual, when we encounter periods of being “in between”, when we stand on the threshold between experiences. These events can range from deathbeds to pregnancy, moments before entering the world after death and moments when you are carrying the child that has not yet made a mother of you. All of adolescence is such a period because it is neither childhood nor adulthood– it is the space in between both.

Of course, there are some special humans who are gifted with what is called “second sight”. The second-sighted can see fairies all the time. Some say that the second-sighted are more likely to be born on a Sunday. Others suggest that you might gain second sight by rubbing an ointment of four-leaf clovers on your eyelids.

The hidden folk are truly everywhere. If you learn how and when to look, you’ll be able to see them on your travels, adventures, and even in your own neighborhood. And then, if you name them, legend has it that they will always belong to you or be at “your behest” in some way.

Before setting off in search of fairies, print the flower fairies handout below so you can learn more specifics about fairy houses, homes, and habitats.

Flower Fairies Handout

Since fairies reside in the in-between spaces, we decided to conduct our hunt for fairy homes in Dublin’s Historic Cemetery. Graves are special liminal places where all sorts of supernatural and possibly hidden folk reside. These are a few of the possible fairy abodes which Max and Micah pointed out on our stroll.

Behind the little gravestones and rocks.

Hidden in the shady spots of the glen.

Swimming in the little log pool.

Visiting with the gnome who lives in this tree trunk.

Conversing between the cracks in this old grave stone.

Micah said “her fairy” lived “right here”.

Playing between the clover and cracks.

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