A letterboxing looney tune to sing.

Our letterboxing log.

The hobby is official. Our family trail name is Coryell Castle. Max’s trail name is Nisse Gnome. Micah and Milla share the stamp and the trail name of Blooming Belles. Patrick’s trail name is Rolling Rooster, and my trail name is Tire Tracks.

This evening, we packed up a still-sniffling Milla and went in search of the A is for Alabama letterbox at the Bowers Park frisbee golf course. If you are a local letterboxer, please beware because there are spoilers in this post.

Hiking over trails to find the 17th tee.

On the way, we passed a gnome home.

At this point, we got off track. Micah accidentally pushed over Milla’s stroller, and a scared Milla began to cry. On that note, every time I touch a stroller, I find myself wishing I had never done so. Life for babies is better in slings and things. We’ve had too many stroller accidents to take these contraptions seriously as a safety device.

As I stand there thinking thoughts like this, Micah tries to play on the stroller again and I bark at her. She starts to cry and runs into the woods to hide under a poison ivy plant so large it is literally a bush. I feel awful. But it gets better because some dudes throw a frisbee our way and Patrick the Cave Man emerges and begins to scream at them as we move out of their path. But it gets better because one of the dudes finds some keys on the ground and yells down at us, “Did you lose your keys?”. But it gets better because our keys fell out of the stroller when it tipped over and we thank the dudes and hang our heads and mumble things about how wrong it is to bark and scream and that nothing good ever comes of it.

But it gets better because another dude points to a tree– the tree with a gnome house– and shouts, “The hidden thing-y is under here!”. While we mumble again, Max runs to the gnome home and removes the letterbox.

Later, we returned to that very gnome home for a happy surprise.

The lovely hand-carved Alabama stamp cut from rubber eraser.

I must say- there is nothing quite like putting that stamp in our logbook and leaving our stamps in the A is for Alabama logbook. Can’t wait to do it again.

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