A Max+Alina tradition.

Max rushed into my room around 6:11 this morning huffing and puffing. “Mom! Are you ready to go to garage sales?” ‘Twas the only voice saying the only thing that can make me smile at 6:11 on a Saturday morning.

I grumbled a bit, threw on some jeans, and climbed into the minivan with Max, who immediately reminded me that we forgot to brush our teeth. I told him it was too late for hygiene– just flash your smiles quickly and no one will know. Garage sales are a tradition that Max and I started when Micah was born. It gives me time alone with Max to chat and giggle and explore our town and various trains of thought. We never bring a newspaper because that would cut down on the time we spend together just jabbering. Instead, I let Max tell me which way to go and we look for signs. Sometimes we get lost (which is fun). Other times we strike gold with an estate sale. Mostly we drive around with the windows open and Led Zeppelin blaring. Max tells me when he sees something beautiful– something that makes his “heart soar”. I point out the way the early morning dew leaves a trail of diamonds in the grass.

We always chat with the ladies and gentlemen hosting yard sales or garage sales. Someone always says that Max is “very smart”. Then they ask where he goes to school, and I tell them we homeschool. Many conversations begin from there. Today, a lovely lady with bright blue glasses told me that she wished she had homeschooled. Then she asked Max if he liked it. Tossing his hair to the side, Max replied, “Of course. I LOVE it.” His matter-of-fact tone made me happy.

Max wanders through the old linens, crumpled leather shoes, and mangled plastic toys in search of treasures. He has one single dollar to spend for the whole day, so he must be very choosy and careful. Normally, the dollar goes unspent. The point of our Saturday adventures is not to shop but rather to explore the world around us in a wandering, wondering fashion. To learn the history behind the trinkets. To forgo planned moments for the open road. To see where life takes us. I love our tradition as I love watching my wild, creative son grow into his heart and head.

Our $10 treasure for the day

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