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I needed something easy to wear, easy to fold, easy to rumple in a way that suits me. So I found a satin and velvet curtain and decided to transform it into a wrap skirt.



You will need to cut four pieces from your material. But some of the cuts will come after a few sewing steps because the pintucking will shorten the waist length quite a bit. So let’s cut the skirt piece. Cause we can do that.

1. Cut a large piece measuring 25-inches by 16 1/2-inches for your skirt from the fabric. The easiest way to do this on a cutting mat is to fold your fabric in half and place it on the cutting mat.

2. If you are using linen or a thick cotton, you can fray the edges of the skirt. Sew 0.3 cm away from three edges of the skirt so fraying doesn’t turn to tearing. Since I used an old curtain, I chose to use the lined bottom part of the curtain for the bottom of my skirt, thus skipping a step. I did, however, need to sew the left and right edges. Just fold over 1/2 inch, tuck the edges under, and sew to the inside of the skirt.

3. To give the skirt a little volume, we’re going to pintuck. Sew your pintucks (22 for me) all the way around the skirt. Make sure they are irregular and asymmetrical pintucks spaced anywhere from 1 cm to 5 cm apart. I used white thread to stand out on the formal, rayon curtain fabric. Remember that the number of pintucks will decrease the overall width of the skirt.

4. Now you can cut the tie piece and waistband fabric. Match the length of the waistband fabric to the length of the waist in step 3 (37 inches for me) and cut a strip 3-inches wide. I used a different fabric (white sailcloth) for the waistband because I didn’t have interfacing and needed something sturdier than the rayon curtain. Pin interfacing or fabric to one side of the waistband.

5. Fold your waistband in half lengthwise. Fold all seam allowances to the inside and iron or press.

6. Sew the waistband to skirt. Place the belt along the waistline, pin it in place, and then sew along the waistline. Make sure to leave a 1/2 inch at both ends so you can tuck it in and finish it later. I wanted to animate the waistband with some funky stitching so I sewed just under the mid-line of the waistband and then sewed another line 3/4 inch under that one.

7. Cut and sew your belt ties. You will need two strips of fabric measuring 3 inches by 34 inches. Fold your ties in half lengthwise, fold all seam allowances to the inside, and press or pin. Then stitch your two ties along the bottom edge.

8. Attach your belt ties to the skirt. Place the ties so that the sewn side faces up. Then insert the ties into each side of the waistband, tuck the extra 1/2 inch of fabric into the fold, and sew them into place. You might needs pins for this.

If you fancy this wrap skirt, I made a version for sale offered at the y. so. str8 etsy shop. Check it out and see if the Urban garden party wrap skirt is missing from your wardrobe.

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