All about moths: Our lapbook.

As usual, the topic for the lapbook began with an observation of the subject by one of the kids (Gnome spotted a “white night butterfly” in the window) followed by my meager attempt to narrate the subject in the form of a hand-drawn coloring page.

Our cover for the lapbook, just download and print.

First, we flipped through field guides and illustrated books to gaze at all the marvelous moths and admire their diversity. To download the Moths Acrostic Fanbook, just right click on the image below.

So many moths to explore and discuss. It was hard to know where to begin…

Moths Identification Booklet (PDF)

We began with the goal of identifying a few handsome moth friends. The free printable moth ID booklet above came in handy- it gave us a fixed place to start, an orientation.

Then we focused on one moth in particular- the gypsy moth- in order to study the life cycle of moths. The more we learned about the gypsy moth caterpillar, the more we wondered about those nests we see in our trees every year.

Gypsy moth caterpillar ID booklet (PDF)

How to identify this nefarious caterpillar pest? Turns out, it has something to do with the colors and number of the dots on it back. Five blue dots and six or more red ones. Fill in the number blank on the booklet pages.

“The Moths”, a poem by Mary Oliver (PDF)

The narrative side of our exploration began with a poem by Mary Oliver. And the booklet above fit perfectly in the center of the lapbook.

The conversations and questions fluttered forth more rapidly as the girls colored various moths from this free moth coloring book. The Eldest tries his hand at the Encyclopedia of Life’s online Moth Memory Game.

Butterflies vs. moths booklets (PDF)

Time to compare butterflies and moths. We looked for distinguishing features, and asking questions like “What makes the monarch butterfly a butterfly as opposed to a moth?”. For assistance with the butterflies vs. moths portion of the lapbook, try this.

Comet Moth Printable Craft (learn create love)
Woolly bear caterpillars craft (Turtle)
Make a moth from leaves (Martha Stewart)
Isabella tiger moths craft (Turtle)
Origami luna moth tutorial (deviant art)
Mending moth holes with moth applique (Nini Makes)

“The Death of the Moth” by Virginia Woolf
A memorable essay with reading questions that follow.

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