An interview with Mr. Max Coryell about Dogland.

Maxwell Coryell, the 6-year-old discoverer of Dogland, is constantly sharing stories with others about this marvelous place. Since some lands disappear, I wanted to learn more about Dogland for the purpose of preserving a historical record should a natural calamity ever befall this special land.

Where is Dogland and how can it be reached, if at all, by those of us who live in Alabama?

“Dogland is under the sea, so we would have to go scuba diving to get to it and of course I can’t do that because I have tubes in my ears.”

Who lives in Dogland? Describe these people or creatures and tell me what language they use to communicate.

“Well no one right now but the fishies live in Dogland, but when it was above the sea and when dogs lived on it, it was a real culture. Mostly a warrior culture, Dogland had an Indian-Roman-Celtic appearance. Their language was mainly Barklanguage, but they also (in some areas) used English. They also used symbols.”

What symbols did they use? Why did they use these symbols?

“The dogs used a symbol called DO. Other symbols they used were: RE, ME, IE, VET, and SIN. DO means ‘hush, do not bark’. It looks like a cross with a diagonal line across it. RE means ‘music’; it looks like a hanger with a cross on it. ME means ‘you’; it looks like DO except that it has two diagonal lines across it. IE means ‘what is it’ and looks like Jesus’ cross. VET means ‘i am so excited’ and looks like a tilting cross. SIN means ‘mercy’ or ‘glory’; it depends on how you say it.

Who is the leader of Dogland and under what kind of government does Dogland operate?

“There is no one leader of Dogland because Dogland has a quadranate government, which has four rulers. It is like two Roman Senates at the time of Caesar Augustus.”

Explain what you mean by two Roman Senates. How does this apply to having four rulers?

“I am basically using a parable. The parable means that if two consuls at the time of Julius Caesar were put together and made to rule a country, that would be four rulers. That is a quadranate government.”

Were there any women or she-dog rulers?

“There were. In fact, many times did it happen that the government had all four rulers as she-dogs.”

What is the capital of Dogland?

“The capital of Dogland is Arftown. This is true for all dates except the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries.”

What happened to Dogland at the “last minute of the twentieth century”?

Lots of ice on the frozen Arctic Ocean melted and submerged Dogland. The dogs swam toward everywhere. Some dogs came to Alabama and might tell you about Dogland if you ask them right and if you understand Barklanguage. I understand all their languages.”

Thank you Sir Max for sharing this introduction to Dogland with us. I am sure we will have another interview some time in the near future to learn more about particular historical happenings in Dogland.

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