Celebrating the winter solstice with kids.

The Holly King, as discovered by those who dwell in the Fairy Woodland.

The purpose of a ritual is to set it a part from everyday life and to create a sacred space. Tonight, we read the story of the Holly King and the Oak King by candlelight. We vowed to live only with candles on the coming day.

Our celebration of the Winter Solstice- a celebration which includes the appearance of a Holly King near an outdoor bonfire as well as the manifestation of new rituals- a new ritual, one which may take on the force of a habit or germinate more like a seed, leading to new and unexpected growth, to unforseen flowers.

Winter Solstice Family Guide (PDF)

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”
Albert Camus


1. Live by candlelight. (Olive and Owl)

2. Watch the sun rise together. (Ecocrazy Mom)

3. Make medallion snowflakes. (1 Dog Woof)

4. Create ice lanterns. (Almost Unschoolers)

5. Create glittery suns to celebrate the return of the sun. (Small Wonders)

6. Make beaded sun ornaments. (Tattooed Soccer Mom)

7. Craft your very own winter fairy queen. (Twig and Toadstool)

8. Then make her mate; give them a love story. (Twig and Toadstool)

9. Storytell a winter story about creatures sharing. (Earthschooling)

10. Read a comic about the winter solstice and make your own. (Starman)

11. DIY winter solstice lantern. (The Magic Onions)

12. Have a special reading and recitation after sunset. (Parent Map)

13. “Cast” a circle. (Unitarian Universalist Association)

14. Dress as the Holly King and perform a symbolic skit. (Patheos)

15. Make toilet paper yule logs. (Pretty Little Things)

16. Share the story “A Visit to Mother Winter” around a fire. (Starhawk)

17. Bake a buche de noel, or yule log cake. (Tenacious Lace)

18. Find The Holly King in the woods near your home. (Fairy Woodland)

19. Decorate with the house with evergreens.

20. Explore the history of winter solstice traditions. (School of the Seasons)

21. Bake solstice sun cakes. (Ellen Jackson)

22. Make pine cone flowers. (Twig and Toadstool)

23. Graph the winter solstice. (Reader Kidz)

24. Make a winter solstice snow angel. (Modern Handmades)

25. Get inspired by the Muir Woods Winter Solstice Guide. (National Park Service)

26. Perform this fantastic winter solstice skit. (Jay Steele)

27. Learn about archaeological excavations involving the solstice. (World Heritage Ireland)

28. Read about the science of the solstice and answer questions. (Lesson Snips)

29. Discover the Iranian festival of Yalda which takes place on the solstice. (Mojgan Amini)

30. Read “The Yule Fairies”, a winter solstice story. (James Clair Lewis)

31. Meditate on “Following the Star”, a guided solstice meditation for children. (Nature Nurtured)

32. Make a real wood yule log. (Rhythm of the Home)

33. Listen to Bela Bartok’s “Winter Solstice Song” for children. (YouTube)

34. Recyle magazines into paper butterflies. (Basteln)

35. Create acorn bells to use in your celebration. (This Cosy Life)

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