crafting with kids

P indicates a PDF printable.
F indicates a personal favorite.

Crafts are organized by materials, medium, or style. Scroll down. Categories are ordered as follows:

Alphabet photo book (Playful Learning)
Cereal box books (Alpha Mom)
Cereal box to notebook (Unschool Me)
Handmade notebook (Cut Out and Keep)
Kids felt book (Cathie Filian)
Kids prayer journal (Under the Sycamore)
Make an accordion book (Bird and Little Bird)
Make a kindness book (Kind Over Matter) P
Make a leprechaun’s walk book (Let’s Explore) P
Make a star book (roughdraftbooks)
Make a recipe coloring book (alina’s adventures) P
Make your own pop-up book (Bug and Monkey Mama)
Make your own stamp-collecting notebook (Bloesem Kids)
Travel style nature journal (Go Explore Nature)
Treasure book (Bloesem Kids)

Altered playing cards (The Split Stitch)
Art with spices (My Kids Make)
Easy tiny envelopes (bookhou)
Gift tags from recycled Christmas cards (Little Eco Footprints)
I’m hungry cutting and coloring pages (Wondertime) P
Just a glitter stripe craft (alina’s adventures)
Make a zebra stripy scene (San Diego Zoo)
Make paper feathers and turn them into a mobile (Free People Blog)
Page corner bookmarks (I Could Make That)
Paper collage journal cover (Shivaya Naturals)
Paper die cut mobile (Modern Handmade Child)
Paper fox and bunny masks (a subtle revelry)
Paper houses mobile (Paul et Paula)
Recycled magazine paper hearts (The Magic Onion)
Scrapbook paper wall map (My Life with Kids)
Tetrahedral kite (Cut Out and Keep)
Train line (Happy Little Messes)
Wycinanki, or traditional Polish cut-outs (That Artist Woman)

A child’s first sewing pattern (alina’s adventures)
A study of lines with John Rombola (alina’s adventures)
Colored pencil crosshatching techniques (alina’s adventures) P
Create your own basic character (DIY Kids)
Design Your Own Logo (Country Living)
Double doodle drawing (maya*made)
Draw a neighborhood map (alina’s adventures)
Draw a compact car (Awesome Artists) P
Draw a party animal (DIY Kids)
Draw a police car (Awesome Artists) P
Draw a sporty car (Awesome Artists) P
Draw cars from behind (Awesome Artists) P
Draw direct with texture (Awesome Artists) P
Draw fences and gates (Awesome Artists) P
Draw trees 1 and 2 (Awesome Artists) P
Draw walls and fences (Awesome Artists) P
Draw with ABCs (Awesome Artists) P
Drawing idea list (alina’s adventures)
Drawing lines with music (alina’s adventures)
Drawing snowflakes with a compass (alina’s adventures)
Draw organic shape monsters (Tinkerlab)
Draw some object characters (DIY Kids)
How to draw tulips (alina’s adventures)
“I’m finished” free time drawing activities
Learning how to draw lettering booklet (Awesome Artists) P
Learning how to draw lettering booklet: part 2 (Awesome Artists) P
Learning how to draw people booklet (Awesome Artists) P
Learning how to draw animals booklet (Awesome Artists) P
Learning how to draw flowers and insects booklet part 1 and part 2 (Awesome Artists) P
Make your own comic strip (Donna Young) P
Summer adventure map (imagine childhood)
Map of my heart (Playful Learning)
Sharpie drawing on dry wax paper (Art Projects for Kids)
Value scale worksheet for young artists (alina’s adventures) P

Batik baskets (Art Projects for Kids)
Batik birds (dali’s moustache)
Batik star map (imagine childhood)
Crayon watercolor batik print (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Dyeing with shaving cream (Art Threads)
Earth day batik (That Artist Woman)
Glue batik prayer flags (Teacher Tom’s Blog)
Indigo grape natural fabric dyeing (Resurrection Fern)
Kool aid dye tshirts (The Chocolate Muffin Tree)
Making batik fabric with crayons
Making batik fabric with crayons (Suzy’s Sitcom)
Making batik print napkins (Under the Sycamore)
Natural dye tutorial 1 (Shivaya Naturals) F
Natural dye tutorial 2 (Shivaya Naturals)
Natural dyeing (beehive craft collective)
Silk dyed Easter eggs (Modern Handmade Child)
Tissue paper tie dye (Land of Nod)
Vintage tea dyed paper (Charcoal and Crayons)

Chunky finger knitted pillow throw (flax and twine)
Finger knit hearts and flowers (Almost Unschoolers)
Finger knitted flowers (The Magic Onions)
Fingerknitted flowers (Counting Coconuts)
Fingerknitted ghost garland (flax and twine)
Fingerknitting plus youtube tutorial (flax and twine)
How to fingerknit (Willowday) F
Jingle jangle door curtain (flax and twine)
Waldorf finger-knitted flowers, a video (EarthSchooling)
Spring finger knitting project, a blue knit basket (imagine childhood)
Woven finger-knitting hula hoop rug (flax and twine) F

Exploring gouache paints with kids (alina’s adventures)
John Rombola inspired gouache painting (alina’s adventures)

Basic macrame knots (Dottie Hoeschen)
Easy macrame jewelry (Wildflower Designs)
Macrame bracelet (Honestly WTF)
Macrame owl necklace (That Artist Woman)
Macrame owl pattern
Macrame owl project (That Artist Woman)
Picot key ring (Macrame for Kids)
Square knot macrame belt (Macrame for Kids)
T-shirt yarn macrame puppets (Between the Lines) F
Tiny turtle pattern (Macrame for Kids)

A supersized marble painting masterpiece (Progressive Early Childhood Education)
Abstract art in multiple layers lesson (Art Lessons For Kids)
Abstract DIY art (Oh Happy Day)
Art inspired by music (Sun Hats Wellie Boots)
Balloon painting (Meet the Dubiens)
Beautiful city silhouette painting (Frugal Family Fun Blog)
Bubble wrap painting (Intellokids)
Color theory valentines (mermag)
Drip drop paintings (Kids Craft Weekly) P
Etching in black paint (alina’s adventures)
Folded paper paint blending (Share and Remember)
Funnel painting (Tinker Lab)
Georgia O’Keefe flowers (Dali’s Moustache)
Ice cube painting (Minieco)
Jackson Pollock painting (Playful Learning)
Japanese cherry blossoms (Dali’s Moustache)
Katie koala painting craft (alina’s adventures) P
Large scale flower art mural (Nurture Store)
Magnet painting activity (Let’s Explore)
Marble painting (Tinker Lab)
Marble painting (Housing a Forest)
Marbled paper journals (Frugal Family Fun Blog)
Painted sticks (Aesthetic Nest)
Painting old newspapers for wrapping paper (alina’s adevntures)
Painting a spring tree (Housing A Forest)
Painting on wood (Picklebums)
Painting trees by blotting with paper towel (Susie Short)
Painting with cookie cutters (mermag)
Painting with cut straws (Putti Prapancha)
Painting with duplos (Pickle Bums)
Painting with Rainbow Dye (Let the Children Play)
Paint with yarn (Zombies Wearing Helmets)
Paper roll painting (A Subtle Revelry)
Peach pit painting (I Can Teach My Child)
Penguin painting craftP
Photo painting (Tinkerlab)
Picasso inspired owl art paintings (Painted Paper)
Pooch painting (Homemade Mamas)
Pour painting (Housing A Forest)
Raindrops and umbrellas drip-drop painting (Share and Remember)
Reverse print painting (Nurture Store)
Ribbon painting (Hands On As We Grow)
Rolling rock painting (Tinker Lab)
Rubber cement masking (Paint Cut Paste)
Rubber band painting (Tinker Lab)
Simple abstract painted canvas (Let’s Explore)
Simple farm land (Laugh Paint Create)
Splat painting with fly swatters (Let the Children Play)
Splatter paint owl art (Artolazzi)
Summer picture craft (Red Ted Art’s Blog)
Supersize string painting (Let the Children Play)
Textured wall art (Oh So Happy Together)

Antique Paper Recipe (Craftbits)
Handmade blooming paper (Paint Cut Paste)
Make plantable paper cards (Spoonfull)
Make your own paper (Paris Bourke)

April Fools’ jack in the box (Bloesem Kids)
Bag clothes (Ringo Atelier>
Decorative fan (Awesome Artists) P
DIY gift wrapping bows (dali’s moustache)
Easy paper rose (Cut Out and Keep)
Foldables basics (Dinah Zike) P
Folded fan garland (Bloesem Kids)
Folded paper 3-d circles (Ringo Atelier)
Folding a paper lily (Charcoal and Crayons)
Make fortune cookies (Kind Over Matter) P
Paper airplane extravaganza (alina’s adventures) P
Paper bead necklace (Fifi Mandirac) P
Paper flower ball (bookhou)
Pee-Wee Herman printable folding paper (Toy A Day) P
Pretty paper beads (Pickles)
Pretty paper hats (a subtle revelry) P
Rainy day toy boat (The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty) P
Rolled Paper Strips Art (A Little Hut)
Sphinx paper toy (Paper Toys) P
Starburst wrapper bracelet (Fluffyland)
Waldorf window starts and sun catcher (Garden Mama)
Whirlybirds (Minieco) P
Upcycled magazine beads (Factory Direct Craft Blog)

Bottle Indian (Papier Mache)
Halloween paper machie puppets (mermag)
Kookie creatures (Small Hands Big Art Blog) F
Make a pinata for a pet (San Diego Zoo)
Make a mini pinata (Lieschen Mueller)
Make pinatas (Let’s Explore)
Paper mache bowls (Art Projects for Kids)
Papier mache carrot pencils (Small Hands Big Art Blog)
Papier mache creations (A Bunch of Keys)
Papier mache Sally Cats (Papier Mache)
Papier mache vases from recycled plastic bottles (Creative Jewish Mom)
Sleepy papier mache birds (the light garden)
Soup can paper mache owl (Art Projects for Kids)
Spheres in space (Art Projects for Kids)
Spooky Paper Mâché Haunted Houses (Inner Child Fun)
Vellum papier mache igloo (Bloesem Kids)

Chalk pastel lizards (Deep Space Sparkle)
Colorful light ray cross (Housing A Forest)
Edward Munch emotions pastel (alina’s adventures)
Pastel kimono (Art Projects for Kids)
Spring oil pastel and watercolor resist (Housing A Forest)
Turtle art (Fairy Dust Teaching)
Watermelon: A pastels tutorial (HodgePodge)

Balsa wood prints (the long thread) P
Block print burlap pencil bag (Factory Direct Craft)
Block print houses (Small Hands Big Art Blog) F
Block printing with cardboard (Unschool Me)
Block printing with kids (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Brainstorming prints (Awesome Artists) P
Button stamp (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Celery printing (Homemade Serenity)
Cherokee leaf printing (Film and Thread)
Child’s drawing to a rubber stamp (A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That)
Circle art with cups (Lilla A)
Colorwheel bouquet art lesson (Deep Space Sparkle)
Cork stamps (Bella Dia)
Create symmetrical butterfly prints and results (Awesome Artists) P
DIY stamps (Playbased Learning)
DIY stamps for children (maya*made)
Down and dirty screen printing for under $10 (Instructables)
Easy homemade stamp wheel (The Crafty Crow)
Eraser stamp carving (Lime Green News)
Feather printing (lemme make it)
Feather stamp carving how-to (oh crafts)
Fingerprint stamping creations (alina’s adventures)
Fingerprint flowers (Ishtar Olivera)
Rainbow footprints (Good + Happy Day) F
Flower printing (Nurture Store)
Handprint sunflowers (Nurture Store)
Leaf print lions (the light garden)
Learning about shapes through DIY stamps (alina’s adventures)
Linoleum printing (the long thread) F
Okra printed gift tags (BK Kids)
Pencil stamp pointillism (Almost Unschoolers)
Pinecones and rosebuds printing (Red Bird Crafts)
Pop art handprints (laughpaintcreate)
Potato print artwork (Oh Happy Day)
Potato Print Gift Tags (Martha Stewart)
Retro play stamps (giddy giddy)
Reverse print painting (Nurture Store) F
Scratchfoam printmaking (That Artist Woman)
Sponge printing (Picklebums)
Stamping architectural forms with cardboard (Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists)
Stamping with pencil erasers (Lil Magoolie)
Texture rubbings (alina’s adventures)
Toilet tube painting and printing (Casa Marias)
Yarn wrapped paper block prints (Share and Remember)

4-H Clothing Project Reference Manual
Acorn nature sewing cards (Natural Suburbia)
Animal sewing cards (Chez Beeper baby) P
Aromatherapy pillow for daddy (Mommylabs)
Beginning embroidery pillow project (Made By Joel)
Button wall art (Tays Rocha)
Child art turned softie (mother lode) F
Embroider a racket heart (Bloesem Kids)
Embroider an iphone case (lil’ magoolie)
Embroidery for kids (House from One Hill Road)
Embroidery with kids (That Artist Woman)
Embroidery with children (flax and twine)
Even toddlers can sew (Tinker Lab)
Fabric party streamers (a subtle revelry)
Felt puppets (whip up)
Festive Bunting tutorial (from
Ladybug toy for kids to sew (Whip Up) P
Limby the button-eyed dude (Little Eco Footprints)
Lion bookmark (Betty Buttons)
Machine sewing with the kids (flaxandtwine)
Make a savings pouch (Shivaya Naturals)
Make a sock satchet (Wondertime)
Make and apply your own applique
Making a circle skirt, a lesson in geometry (Barry Scientific) P
Make circle skirts for stuffed animals (DIY Kids)
Making your own fabric (alina’s adventures)
Nature pouch sewing with kids (Red Ted Art’s Blog)
Patchwork angel ornament (nini makes) P
Patterned Jewelry Pouch Pattern (from Purlbee)
Preschool felt mouse sewing project (We Wilsons)
Recycled stitching (This Little Project)
Scrappy bookmarks (Pink and Green Mama)
Sewing flowers (Childhood 101)
Simple sewing cards (Mom’s Best)
Stitch a rainbow (Scrumdillydo)
Stitched wax paper hearts (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Super Easy People Puppet Pattern P
T-shirt Bedroom Art (Country Home)
Tic tac toe stitch (Scholastic) P

ABC stencil flashcards (Shivaya Naturals)
Cardboard stencil tutorial and free template (grow creative) P
DIY stenciled watercolors (grow creative) F
Freezer paper stencil shirts and self portraits (Metro Parent) F
Homemade stencils for kids (Inna’s Creations)
Stenciled gift wrapping (Sartori Design for Living)
Stenciled wooden alphabet blocks (a subtle revelry) F
Spray bottle watercolor stencils (Tinkerlab)
Watercolor leaf stencils (alina’s adventures)

Baby blessing sunburst (Paint Cut Paste)
Birch trees watercolor lesson (Deep Space Sparkle)
Color wheel gecko (That Artist Woman)
Egg art part 2 (Scrumdillydo) F
Exploring and creating watercolor illustrations (Playful Learning)
Fall of the leaf watercolor project (ClassicPlay)
Kadinsky’s circles (Paint Cut Paste)
Make individual watercolor pages (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Mini art 1 (Scrumdillydo)
Mini art 2 (Scrumdillydo)
Mini art 3 (Scrumdillydo)
Painting dew or water drops (Susie Short)
Painting in the style of Ted Harrison (That Artist Woman)
Painting trees by blotting with paper towel (Susie Short)
Painting watercolor landscapes Sumi style (Awesome Artists) P
Painting watercolor lines (Awesome Artists) P
Painting watercolor trees Sumi style (Awesome Artists) P
Printed cityscape (dali’s moustache)
Reflections painting exercise (That Artist Woman)
Salty watercolor painting (The Chocolate Muffin Tree)
Sharpie and watercolors (Paint Cut Paste)
Spray bottle watercolor stencils (Tinkerlab)
Sticker resist watercolor paintings (Paint Cut Paste)
Transferring a drawing to watercolor paper (Susie Short)
Waldorf watercolor lesson (Syrendell)
Watercolor bubble art (diy projects tumblr)
Watercolor techniques lesson plan
Watercolor board books (Tiny Twist Creative)
Watercolor crayon shavings (Housing a Forest)
Watercolor dabble paintings (alina’s adventures)
Watercolor Eric Carle collage (paint Cut Paste)
Watercolor gift wrapping (TinkerLab)
Watercolor house painting projects (Use Your Coloured Pencils)
Watercolor on fabric (The Girl Creative)
Watercolor silhouette (Paint Cut Paste)
Watercolor stamping (grow creative)
Watercolored doilies (Meg Duerksen)
Watercolour paper cups (Stephanie Polli)
Watercolor mother’s day cards (The Sweetest Occasion) F

Basket weaving using recycled containers (That Artist Woman)
Beautiful branch weave (Natural Suburbia)
Circle weaving (Teacher Vision) P
Drinking straw weaving loom (Homemade Mamas)
Fabulous fish of the woven variety (se7en)
How to make a simple weaving loom from cardboard (Natural Suburbia)
How to weave on a simple cardboard loom (dali’s moustache)
Potholder loom weaving (alina’s adventures)
Spring weaving project (That Artist Woman)
T-shirt weaving (Alpha Mom)
Weave a t-shirt reading rug (alina’s adventures)
Weaving paintings (laughpaintcreate)
Woven eyed frog (That Artist Woman)
Woven flowers and butterflies (That Artist Woman)
Woven finger-knitting hula hoop rug (flax and twine) F
Woven person mixed media (That Artist Woman)
Woven tree wall hanging (That Artist Woman)
Woven trivet (Bookhou)
Woven trivet (Poppytalk)

DIY wooden flower press (Bloesem Kids)
Make a wooden toybox (Bloesem Kids)
Pencil block woodworking (Playopedia) F

Andy Warhol tissue paper bleed collages (Dali’s Moustache)
April showers bring May flowers collage (mermag)
Cardinal Collage, Charley Harper style (Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists)
Cellophane sun bugs (Kids Craft Weekly) P
Chance collage inspired by Jean Arp (alina’s adventures) P
Collage with paper booklet (Awesome Artists) P
Color collage (Hands On As We Grow)
Cotton ball collage (Tinker Lab)
Cut and tear candle card (Art Projects for Kids)
Discover America collage craft (alina’s adventures)
Divide the circle collages (Awesome Artists) P
Elephant and egg collage (alina’s adventures)
Elephant collage remix (MaryMaking)
Emotions collage (Leech Babe)
Eric Carle seahorses (Dali’s Moustache)
Face collage for scribblers (TinkerLab)
Glossy glittery collage (Tinker Lab)
Hanging fabric collage (Tinker Lab)
Hedgehog collage (Adventures @ Play)
Magazine collage inspired by Eric Carle (alina’s adventures)
Matisse the collage man booklet (Awesome Artists) P
Melted plastic bag collage (Tinker Lab)
“My hand” collage (Art Projects for Kids)
Paint chip collage (Donna Downey)
Paste paper collage a la Eric Carle (Tinker Lab)
Petit animal collage (Martha Stewart) P
Picasso collage (laughpaintcreate)
Raindrop collage (Tinker Lab)
Shapes collages (Activity Mom)
Stories-to-tell collage (alina’s adventures)
Tissue paper collage (Tinker Lab)

Brazil rainforest diorama (Confessions of A Homeschooler)
Butterfly family collection (Growing up Creative)
CD case diorama (Art Projects for Kids)
Child-directed narwhal diorama (Suite 101)
Dinosaur diorama (Diorama Man)
Garden diorama (First Palette)
Hajj diorama (handmade beginnings)
Jungle diorama (Marth Stewart Crafts)
Landform dioramas (The Crafty Classroom)
Mini diorama inside toilet paper roll (Anasstasia Elias)
Museum inspired diorama (Creative Jewish Mom) F
Owl and pussycat moving 3D diorama (My Owl Barn)
Paper egg diorama (Spoonfull)
Peep hole diorama (Wertheliving) P + F
Rocket ship diorama (Sarah Jane Studios) P
Simple space shuttle picture (Kids Craft Weekly) P
Spring garden diorama (Pas Sur Le Murs)
Super Mario dioramas (Papermau) P
Tatebanko Japanese paper dioramas (Diorama Man)
Thomas Jefferson diorama (Kids Discover)
Tiny shadow box (Bloesom Kids) F

122 free coloring pages (alina’s adventures) P
Amazing Paper Toys (The Toymaker) P
American robin color by number (The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty) P
Donkey creative page (The light garden) P
Fantastic steampunk airship (Graphics Fairy) P
Lucy Ann paper doll with two outfits (Alice Cantrell) P
Make a fun coloring card (The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty) P
Make a paper bunny (mermag) P
Make a fun coloring card (The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty) P
Outer space color by number (The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty) P
Paper city (Made By Joel) P
Paper Dolls (Wee Wonderfuls) P
Papercraft (Canon Creative) P
Printable bird and birdhouse play set (Nurture Store) P
Printable make your own postcards (Smashed Peas and Carrots) P
Printable placemat (Wondertime) P
Printable summer fruit tags and labels (Creature Comforts) P
Sewing machine cut, paste and color pages (alina’s adventures) P
Sleepy fox creative page (the light garden) P
The best free online dress-up dolls (alina’s adventures) P
The Umbrella Coloring Mural (Jan Brett) P
Think and draw creative frames page (the light garden) P
Turkey feather headbands (mermag) P

Animal tracks garland (imagine childhood)
Butterfly wreath (Alisa Burke)
Coffee filter garland (Creature Comforts)
Folded fan garland (bookhou)
Geometric paper garlands (the light garden)
Heart garland (Little Elephants)
Paper garland (Bookhou)
Recycled book garland (Minieco)
Shell garland (Me and Alice)
String of lantern lights from paper cups (Alisa Burke)
Word garland (Scrumdillydo)

Bean necklaces (Shivaya Naturals)
Bug catcher necklace (Whimsy Girl)
Cork necklace (Bloesem Kids)
DIY bracelets with metal wire (Playful Learning)
Easiest feather necklace (My Latest Obsession)
Fabric scrap braided necklace (cakies)
Friendship bracelets (Honestly WTF)
Graffiti bracelets (DIY Kids)
Hex nut bracelet
Leather feather necklace (Sincerely Kinsey)
Make a sailor’s bracelet (Jan Brett) P
Not so wishy washy hemp bracelet (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Popsicle stick bracelets (Suzy’s Sitcom)
Recylced cardboard beads (Small Hands Big Art Blog)
Rolled paper beads (Small Hands Big Art Blog)
Soda tab necklace and choker (Keep Calm and Carry On)

1870 Milkpaint Formula
Baby’s and bow-wows biscuit recipe (The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty)
Bird cookies (imagine childhood)
Bubble paint recipe (Tinker Lab)
Crayon rainbow cubes (Frugal Family Fun Blog)
Drip drop painting (Kids Craft Weekly) P
Edible art (A Magical Childhood)
Heart-shaped crayons
Homemade bug repellent (Unplugged Sunday)
Homemade butter (The Magic Onions)
Homemade Grass Soap
Homemade lip balm (small treasures)
Homemade play dough (Little Eco Footprints)
Homemade sidewalk paint (Busy Bee Kids Crafts)
Learn by making watercolors (Classic Play)
Make your own window paints (Modern Parents Messy Kids)
Making jelly from violets (Curly Birds)
Make and carve wax ornaments and decorations (ArtMind)
Melted crayon dot art (Helping Little Hands)
Mix a batch of mud paint (alina’s adventures)
Nature potions (Squashed Tomatoes)
Pasta sculptures (Pre-school Play)
Rose syrup (Storybook Woods)
Rosemary vinegar (Chasing Cheerios)
Slime recipe (Wondertime)

A little more advanced for curious, artsy kids.
Bird puppet (That Artist Woman)
City skyline at night (That Artist Woman)
Dangling jellyfish (alina’s adventures)
Early autumn window scene (That Artist Woman)
Easy breezy wind sock (Modern Handmade Child)
Glue-stamped papers (That Artist Woman)
Gyotaku printmaking I (dali’s moustache) F
Gyotaku printingmaking II (dali’s moustache)
Introduction to symmography (alina’s adventures)
Koinobori wind socks (That Artist Woman)
Make a big scrappy painting (Alisa Burke)
Make a universal card deck (imagine childhood) F
Our family in fabric pictures (Flossie Teacakes)
Paper poppy wall art (Multiples and More)
Remida (Reggio Emilia)
Retablo redux (Full Circle) F
Shaving cream valentines (Modern Parents Messy Kids)
Waterfront houses art lesson (Deep Space Sparkle)
Woven birds nest and poetry project (That Artist Woman)
Woven person mixed media (That Artist Woman)

Cereal box mosaics (Fun in the Making)
Cereal box mosaic (Karen Rossi)
Geometric photo mosaics (Photojojo) F
Leaf resist art and lesson about Alma Thomas (New City Arts)
Magazine mosaic (Readymade)
Mini mosaics (dali’s moustache)
Non-objective art lesson (Mr. Picasso’s Art Room)
Paper mosaic gift tags (Karen Rossi)
Paper mosaic with rose petal tinged paper (Creative Jewish Mom)
Rainbow mosaic (I Can Teach My Child)
Tape mosaics (Unschool Me)

Canoe origami (Adirondack Life)
Koinobori, origami carp kite (Activity Village) P
Origami bench (OI)
Origami bird base (Activity Village) P
Origami bunny (Tammy Yee)
Origami business card holder (Activity Village) P
Origami Christmas tree bauble (Activity Village) P
Origami crane (Activity Village) P
Origami envelope(Playful Learning)
Origami magazine box (Activity Village) P + F
Origami mouse (Tammy Yee) P
Origami mouse booklet (Tammy Yee) P
Tilly’s origami booklet (Activity Village) P

Chickadee: A chalk pastels tutorial (HodgePodge)
Contour portraits
Crayon resist portraits (dali’s moustache) F
Layered self portraits (dali’s moustache)
Mix and match box dolls (Small Hands Big Art) F
Napkin self portraits (Classic Play)
Pastel resist owls (That Artist Woman)
Picasso’s blue period self-portrait (alina’s adventures)
Pillow portraits (Princeton OL)
Pop art self-portraits with tempera
Self portrait collage (Scrapbooks Etc.) P
Self portrait template (Inchmark) P
The Color of Us self-portraits (Playful Learning)
Underwater swimming self-portrait (Use Your Coloured Pencils)

Beaded spider with anatomy lesson (alina’s adventures) P
Bird sculpture (Karen Rossi)
Dale Chihuly inspired sculptures (MaryMaking)
Driftwood dragon (Unschool Me)
Stick sculpture (Karen Rossi)
Wire and pantyhose sculptures (dali’s moustache)
Wire sculpture person (Awesome Artists) P

Dinosaur silhouettes (That Artist Woman)
Man Ray style silhouette (alina’s adventures)
Shadow art (Superheros and Princesses)
Sunset silhouette (Frugal Family Fun Blog)
Watercolor silhouette (Paint Cut Paste)

Craft paper magnets (Creative Dish)
DIY window clings (Smashed Peas and Carrots)
Egg carton wreath (Homemade Serenity)
Fabric scrap stickers (Creature Comforts)
Kids artwork magnets (Ink Blots and Polka Dots)
Kids’ stained glass art project (The Artful Parent)
Learning to set the table craft (Simple Kids)
Make a handprint zoo (Meet the Dubiens)
Make a magic paintbrush (The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty) P
Make shell shanklets (alina’s adventures)
Make spoon garden markers (The Magic Onions)
No-sew fabric animals (CT Pub Blog) P
Pressed leaf note cards (Blissfully Domestic)
Sunshine splat flags (redtedart)
Thumbprint tree (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Turn a milk jug into a lunch box (Family Fun)

Clay coil snake (Awesome Artists) P
Clay creations booklet (Awesome Artists) P
Clay birds (Sun Hats Wellie Boots)
Clay pot (alina’s adventures)
Clay slab cut away lesson (Awesome Artists) P
Clay spiral heart pendant necklaces (The Chocolate Muffin Tree)
Clay techniques (Awesome Artists) P
DIY local creek clay (alina’s adventures)
Fun frogs made from clay (Oogly Fun)
Garden stepping stones and decorations (teach mama)
Homemade play dough (Little Eco Footprints)
Homemade play dough (Paint Cut Paste)
Leaf tokens (Spoonfull)
Make a pinch pot (Awesome Artists) P
Make a sun slab (Awesome Artists) plus photo examplesP
Make an animal pot (Awesome Artists) plus photo examplesP
Make fossils (The Crafty Classroom)
Make sand beads (Red Ted Art’s Blog)
Nature in clay (Shivaya Naturals)
Nature impressions (Paint Cut Paste)
Play dough and lace (Tara S Loggett)
Polymer clay tree collage art (Creative Jewish Mom)
Salt dough bead necklaces (Red Ted Art’s Blog)
Salt dough bean art (Pre-school Play)
Solar system strand (Paint Cut Paste)

Coffee filter flowers (Frugal Family Fun Blog)
Coffee filter butterflies (Two Straight Lines)
Coffee filter garland (Creature Comforts)
Coffee filter pompom ornaments (Cut Out and Keep)
Dale Chihuly style coffee filter creations (Art in the Middle… School)
Marker dot blots (Ringo Atelier)

Beaded ornaments (Spoonfull)
Boogie monsters (Spoonfull)
Concertina fold butterflies (Kids Craft Weekly) P
Easy alien pipe cleaner crafts (Craft Jr.)
Felt and button flowers includes template (nini makes)
Inspiring pipe cleaner crafts (alina’s adventures)
Pipe cleaner creatures (Mom’s Minivan)
Pipe cleaner with pom pom finger puppets (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Pipe cleaner zoo (Artists Helping Children)
Slinky spinning spiders (se7en)
Wirework dragonflies (nini makes)
Worry dolls (Whip Up)

39 popsicle stick crafts (alina’s adventures) P
Autumn brushes (Pre-school Play)
Dangly twig stars just add glue, glitter, and twine
DIY pinwheels (Style Me Pretty)
Magnetic airplane clip (Parents)
Modern popsicle stick houses (See Jane Blog)
Popsicle stick bracelets (Suzy’s Sitcom)
Popsicle stick houses (Almost Unschoolers)
Popsicle stick magnets (Pure and Noble)
Popsicle stick nomad tent (imagine childhood)
Popsicle stick river houses (Reciclando en la Escuela)
Royal stick puppets (Kids Crafts Weekly) P
Popsicle stick river houses (Reciclando en la Escuela)
Popsicle stick thumb piano (alina’s adventures)
Posicle stick wind chime (Parents)
Stick men (Red Ted Art’s Blog)
Stick stars (A Foothill Home Companion)

DIY hourglass (Paris Bourke)
Easy glass etching (You Seriously Made That)

Giant paper bag flower (Blissful Fetes)
Lunch bag art (Skip to My Lou)
Paper bag birds nest (the long thread)
Paper bag challenge (Classic Play)
Paper bag dragon costumes (Little Elephants)
Paper bag kite (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Paper bag trees (ET Adventures)
Paper bag wreath (Bloesem Kids)
Recycled paper bag flowers (Creative Jewish Mom)
Sock monkey puppets from paper bags (Mom Inc. Daily)

Bottle cap mural (Art Actually)
Make oversized flowers from plastic bags (Growing Up Creative)
Plastic cartoon suncatchers (Bloesem Kids)
The reused plastic bottle giving tree (Growing Up Creative)

Bottle cap mural (Mary Ellen Croteau)
Bottle cap thumbtacks and magnets (Martha Stewart)
Fairy wings (Kids Craft Weekly) P
Mexican metalworking (Creative Kids At Home)
Paint can camera (Paint Can Camera)
Silverware wind chimes (Mayfly)
Soup can owl (Art Projects for Kids)
Tin can drums (Hands On as We Grow)
Tin can forest (Ohdeehdoh)
Tin can lanterns (grow creative)
Tin can wind chimes (Hands On As We Grow)
Tin can wind chime (Room 2 Grow)

Amazing cardboard castle (Chantal Vincent Art)
B is for banjo craft (alina’s adventures)
Box dump trucks (Small Hands Big Art)
Build a medieval castle (Your Child Learns)
Cardboard animal house (Unschool Me)
Cardboard box marble run project (Tinkerlab)
Cardboard box splat painting (TinkerLab)
Cardboard castle (ikatbag)
Cardboard play ice cream shop (Childhood 101)
Cardboard pirate hat (Kids Craft Weekly) P
Cardboard robots (Weekday Carnival) P
Cardboard rocker plans (Foldschool) P
Cardboard rocket (Blonde Designs via skip to my lou)
Cardboard top hats (ikatbag)
Cardboard tree and yarn ornaments (alina’s adventures)
Castle story box (Imagination Tree)
Cereal box house (Bella Dia)
Cereal box marble run (Made By Joel)
Cereal box scenery (Minieco) P
Cereal box planetarium (alina’s adventures)
Cheerful family flower mart (Frugal Family Fun Blog)
Cigar Box Guitar (from MAKE magazine)
Cracker box robot mask (alina’s adventures)
Diaper box into treasure chest (733)
Enchanted fairy house (Small Hands Big Art Blog)
Faraway tree house (ikatbag)
Flower art box (The Artful Parent)
Hand drum (Bloesem Kids)
Make box buildings (DIY Kids)
Milk carton organizer (Maya*Made)
Milk carton pirate ship (DLTK Kids)
Milk carton truck (MotherBabyEarth)
Narnia ships (ikatbag)
Playing Card Box (Mirkwood Designs) P
Pretend play cardboard fruits (The Happy Wanderer)
Recycled cardboard city (Alisa Burke)
Recycled handmade musical instrument called a maraca (Mommylabs)
Simple box camera obscura (LICM)
Space shuttle scene (Kids Crafts Weekly) P
Tabloid Cardboard Stool PlansP
Tiny hats (Classic Play)
Tissue box grocery bag holder (Living Crafts)

A newspaper egg basket (The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty) P
Elephant and egg collage (alina’s adventures)
Newspaper Apron (from Craftbits)
Newspaper basket (How About Orange)
Newspaper sword (Alphamom)
Old book page flower works with newspaper too (Cynthia Shaffer)
Painted newspaper (Scrumdillydo)
Paper hats (Momtastic)
The recycled rhino (Whimsy Child)
Tinting newspaper to learn color theory (Scrumdillydo)

Castles and knights from toilet rolls (Red Ted Art’s Blog)
Changing faces dolls (A Little Learning For Two)
Creating a telescope (Blissfully Domestic)
Handmade kaleidoscopes (Create Celebrate Explore)
Make bionic binoculars (Heaps of Laundry)
Paper tube owls (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Rapunzel in the tower craft (alina’s adventures)
Recycled cars and tube people (The Chocolate Muffin Tree)
Recycled paper tube scuplture (The Chocolate Muffin Tree)
Toilet paper roll animals (Busy Bee Kids Crafts)
Toilet paper roll birthday crowns (Creative Jewish Mom)
Toilet paper roll kazoo (Smashed Peas and Carrots)
Toilet paper roll stars (4 Crazy Kings)
Wild and wooly sheep (Kids Craft Weekly) P

Easy finger puppets from scrap felt (Sacred Spiral)
Felt-covered barettes (from angry chicken)
Felt vase (Curly Birds)
Felt doughnut tutorial and template (from skip to my lou) P
Felted balls (imagine childhood)
Felted finger puppets (WhipUp)
Felted puppet (That Artist Woman)
Felted soap on a rope (The Magic Onion)
How to felt a sweater (The Magic Onions)
Make a felt scrap nest ball (Paint Cut Paste)
Make fuzzy friends (Paint Cut Paste)
Making rainbow felt (Natural Suburbia)
Scarecrow felt board and game (Let’s Explore)
Wet felted pictures (Scraps of Starlight)
Wet felted tree wall hanging (That Artist Woman)

Hanging yarn balloons (Juicy Bits)
Yarn bird nest (No Time for Flashcards)
Yarn wall medallions (scrumdillydilly) F
Yarn words (How the Sun Rose)
Yarn-wrapped frames (Centsational Girl) F
Yarn-wrapped hearts (The Crafty Crow)

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