D is for dresses, dolls, and dressing up dolls.

D is for dresses and dolls. And “duh”. And doilies- but we aren’t going there yet. I’ll let Micah discover doily-dom on her own. Micah has dressed herself since the age of two- and Milla is currently emulating her early independent dressing patterns. We got into the excitement of dressing and dolls by starting with the coloring handout below.

D is for dressing and dolls coloring page (PDF)

Then we picked a few printable paper dolls to print (yes, I ran out of printer ink in the process) and Micah played with paper dolls for the rest of the evening. And I overdid myself a bit in the free paper doll hunt- though each brought a new delight and character into our lives.

Free printable paper dolls to dress and play
Wee Wonderfuls paper dolls (Wee Wonderfuls)
Tea time paper doll (Sarah Jane Studios)
Vintage paper dolls (Meggiecat)
Betsy McCall paper dolls: 10 years of dolls and fashion history
Precious paper dolls (Living Locurto)
Royal stick puppets (PDF from Kids Crafts Weekly)
Groovy paper doll greeting card (Teri’s Paper Doll Scans)
1950’s Valentine cut-out doll book (Ameri-card)
Renoir’s “Camille” paper dolls (USHS Dolls)
Sunbonnet Sue paper dolls (Meggiecat)
Dentist and astronaut paper dolls (Flip Flop Flyin)
Traditional Strawberry Shortcake paper dolls (Teri’s Paper Doll Scans)
Vector art Strawberry Shortcake paper dolls (Teri Pettit)
Melanie paper doll in black and white (Paper Goodies)
Monet’s “Young John” paper doll (USHS Dolls)
Keesha paper doll (Patty Reed Designs)
Keesha’s back to school outfit (Patty Reed Designs)
Kendra paper doll (Patty Reed Designs)
Keesha’s bed and bath outfits (Patty Reed Designs)
Keesha’s ballerina bunny outfit (Patty Reed Designs)
Keesha’s scotty jumpers outfit (Patty Reed Designs)
Kendra’s scotty poncho and dog (Patty Reed Designs)
Kendra’s fun outfit (Patty Reed Designs)
Gaucho paper doll (Blue Bonkers)
Paper doll nativity (Babalisme)
Fairy tale dress up paper dolls (Living Locurto)
Little Sue paper doll with clothes and Snuffy (Blue Bonkers)
Cone girl paper dolls (Mr. Printables)
The third trimester paper dolls (Apartment Therapy)
Slumber party dolls (Babalisme)
Mabel paper doll (Lily and Thistle)
Pearce family children paper dolls (USHS Dolls)
Carver paper doll and clothing (Paper Dolls By Donna)
Shey paper doll with 4 outfits (Paper Dolls By Donna)
Sabrina paper doll with 4 outfits (Paper Dolls By Donna)
Victoria paper doll with 4 outfits (Paper Dolls By Donna)
Sugar and Spike 1970’s paper dolls (Sheldon Mayer)
Elissa, girl of the 1870’s paper doll (Helen Page)
A Victorian child paper doll in black and white (Helen Page)
Mazie dresses up paper doll (Sarah Jane Studios)
Paper dolls with modern clothes (Practical Pages)
Nellie in the style of 1885 paper doll (Helen Page)
Marlo Thomas paper dolls (Teri’s Paper Doll Scans)
The Ginghams paper dolls (Susan Morris)
A Regency lady of quality paper doll (Helen Page)
Carmen Miranda paper doll (David Zurlin)
Tiffany at 15 months paper doll (Teri Pettit)
Happy Christmas elves paper dolls (Hilda Miloche)
Delia and Ollie paper dolls (Oh My So Cute)
Paper dolls through the ages includes costumes from every time period (Practical Pages)
Betsy Rose paper doll (Michel)
Fanny Louise paper doll (Michel)
Baby Comfort paper doll (Michel)
Friends Around the World paper dolls with outfits from many countries (Ruth and Bill Morehead)
Unicorn and pony greeting card paper dolls (Teri’s Paper Doll Scans)
French Paper paper dolls (Charles Anderson Design Co.)
Easter fun on the farm paper dolls (Sarah Jane Studios)
Sixteen paper dolls (Hilda Miloche)
The Candy Stripers paper doll book (Irene Geiger)
Tomboy Tara paper dolls (Tomboy Tara)
Whimsical Easter paper dolls (Joan Walsh Englund)
Alice and her holiday dresses (Anne Donze)
Kiddley DIY paper dolls (Kiddley)
Dot and Roscoe, wintry paper dolls (The Black Apple)
Eskimo boy paper doll (Blue Bonkers)
Jacqueline the French paper doll (Blue Bonkers)
Moana the Hawaiian paper doll (Blue Bonkers)
Japanese paper doll in kimono (Blue Bonkers)
Anarosa the Mexican paper doll (Blue Bonkers)
Korean man paper doll (Blue Bonkers)
Brigitte the German paper doll (Blue Bonkers)
Johanna the Alaskan paper doll Blue Bonkers)
Stefan the Swiss paper doll (V
Sigrid from Sweden paper doll (Blue Bonkers)
Scotch girl paper doll (Blue Bonkers)
Eskimo paper doll (Blue Bonkers)
Little Miss Muffett paper doll

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