make beautiful things

A list of links for those who love to create, craft, and make for the sheer pleasure of it. Relish every medium and don’t be afraid to dabble in foreign substances and substrates. Try a tutorial…. and don’t be afraid to step outside the designated lines in search of your own route to beauty.

Bind a crafty little notebook with twine.
Bind a vintage wallpaper notebook with glue.
Learn how to bind a basic book.
Make a cereal box journal.
Make a tiny holiday book.

Create a Van Gogh style piece of art.
Create geometric, mutlti-faceted wall hooks. F
Hand embroider into air dry clay.
Learn how to make a clay mold.
Learn how to make your own local creek clay.
Make a pinch pot.
Make an animal pot.
Shape a polymer clay face cabochon.

5 basic colored pencil techniques.
How to draw a cosmic cat.
How to draw or create a mandala.
How to draw a photorealistic marble.
Sharpen a colored pencil to a nice, fine point.

Discover the history and styles of collographs.

Crochet a child’s horse reign with yet another free pattern.
Crochet a simple crown with this free pattern.
Create a felted starry night mail pouch with this free pattern.
Get the basics on crochet.
How to crochet an adjustable loop.
How to do the crochet chain stitch.
Make a merfish necklace.
Make the world’s best potholder.

5 techniques for creating value in pen and ink drawings.
How to draw a rose.
How to draw patterns step by step.
How to keep a sketchbook.

Create a natural dye table runner.
Dye fabrics using encre de Chine or India ink.
Learn how to make an ombre dyed bag.
Learn how to tie dye.
Learn the tie-dye art of shibori and use it on stained sheets.
Make a natural dye table runner in warm shades.
Use tea to stain or tint a sweater.

Create a pointillist embroidery design to frame in a thread.
Embroider a hexie snowflake.
Embroider plaid pods. P
Hand embroider into air dry clay.
Print this needlepoint know-how by Anna Maria Horner. P

Explore the history and types of etching.
Learn how to etch on fiber.
Learn how to etch on silver using ferric nitrate.
Learn how to etch glass.
Make an etched mirror.
Make etched glass limoncello bottles.
Make patterned frosted light bulbs by etching glass.
Permanently etch glass with a pattern of your choice.
Use painter’s tape to etch dots on glasses.

Cut and hang spring felt birds.

Make a BHLDN paper pom.
Make a circular magazine paper garland.

A few simple tips on painting with gouache.
A simple step-by-step to using gouache paints.
A more detailed, video tutorial on painting with gouache.
How to use gouache in abstract paintings.
Learn from this beautiful gouache demonstration of river rocks.
Master gouache techniques designed for depicting nature and wildlife.

Learn about the styles and history of intaglio.
Construct a clay slab roller.

How to knit.
How to read a knitting pattern.
Knit a chunky moebius cowl. P
Knit a hat for Harrison (or another man). P
Knit a chunky tweed pouf. It’s easy.
Knit the Katy cowl. P
Learn the basic bind off method.
Learn the crochet hook bind off method.
Learn the double knit in joining method.
Learn the Russian join joining method.
Learn the weaver’s knot joining method.
Make sweetheart knit valentines.
Master the basic knit stitch.
Master the brioche stitch in the round.
Master the continental knit stitch.
Master the garter stitch.
Master the kitchener stitch.
Master the continental purl stitch.
Master the purl stitch.
Master the stockinette stitch.

Craft a macrame guitar strap.
Create a macrame vintage basket.
Create a macrame winter scarf.
Finish off a piece of jewelry with a macrame clasp.
Gain some insight on knotting tips.
Learn how to make a macrame sliding clasp.
Learn how to make macrame bands.
Make a macrame belt.
Make a macrame chain belt.
Make a vintage macrame curtain.
Tie a micro-macrame bangle bracelet.
Tie a micro-macrame hemp owl necklace.
Tie a micro-macrame natural bracelet.
Tie a micro-macrame soft rosary.


How to paint a bird.
How to paint a hat with three colors.
How to paint abstract art.
How to paint clouds.
How to paint abstract art.
How to paint foliage.
How to paint photorealism.
How to paint small figures.
How to paint trees.
Linear features and spot features in landscape painting.
Paint a tree with q-tips.

Create a plastic bottle Indian with papier mache.
Explore the basics of getting started with papier mache.
Make a papier mache mask.
Make a pinata.
Make cute and simple Sally Cats.
Make your own Day of the Dead skull.

How to draw a chickadee with pastels.
How to paint a face with pastels.

Turn a small image into a beautiful, quasi-handmade poster. All in a day’s play.

Create beautiful plaster flower bouquets.
Create plaster flower votives.
Faux deer head plaster project.
Design and make plaster hands.
How to cast a face in plasters.
Make a rainbow sand cast with plaster.
Make and paint a plaster birdie.
Make plaster cast leaves.
Make plaster letters and paint them.

Create your own printed wrapping paper or pattern paper.
Create words as art using stamps.
Design a box-stamped flower card or art work.
Easy relief printmaking tutorial with Ruth Bleakly.
Explore nontoxic means of printmaking with Nik Semenoff.
Explore the art of printing with fingerprint art.
Learn about linoleum print block making with Benny Alba.
Learn how to make a print from styrofoam.
Learn how to screenprint a wall hanging.
Learn how to make monoprints.
Make sun prints on paper.
Make your own stamps.
Screenprint on wood with permanent acrylic water solube inks.
Transfer a image print using hand sanitizer.

Learn how to pebble quilt.
Make a barn bats quilt block.
Make a granny square quilt block.
Make a log mansion quilt with Anna Maria Horner’s help. P
Make a spinning stars quilt.P
Make a Texas star quilt block.

How to sew a buttonhole.
Japanese pattern drafting.
Make a simple quilted placemat. P

Combine masking tape and clip art for a masterpiece.
Create a charcoal watercolor with leftover coffee.
Create a progressive watercolor.
Create an abstract watercolor.
Create simple, unicolor watercolor portraits.
Create stenciled watercolors.
How to combine watercolors and colored pencils to create a dog.
How to mix colors for a palette.
Learn how to use watercolors in intaglio.
Make a watercolor magnetic shadowbox.
Take a dry brush watercoloring tutorial.
Take an in-depth stroll through the elements of perspective with watercolor.
The secret of glowing color.
Tonal contrast.
Use plastic wrap with watercolors to add texture and background.
Use straws to blow beautiful watercolors.

Learn how to tye a floss knot for friendship bracelets.
Make a heart pattern friendship bracelet.
Use this illustrated guide to make a simple friendship bracelet.

Make a woven lamp with wood veneer.
Make a natural-looking woven trivet.
Weave a trivet with some wood, fabric, and nails.

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