Middle school math and geometry.

Interactive notebook starter kit (Mrs. West Knows Best)*
Interactive notebook bookmark (Performing in Fifth Grade)
Tips for teaching with math games (Laura Candler)
Math Comics: Fractions (David Rickert)
Fraction foldable (Teaching with a Cup of Tea)*
Simplifying squid fraction packet (Inspire Teachers)
Pizza fraction fun for equivalents (Laura Candler)
Mixed numeral & improper fraction puzzle set (Dennis McDonald)
Simplifying fractions bingo (Laura Candler)
Comparing fractions foldable (Abby Sandlin)*
Factors and multiples card game (Literacy and Math Ideas)
Fractangle puzzles (Ms Haslacker Teaches 5th)
Place value foldable (Suzanne Karim)*
Graph foldable (Sonja McGinnis)*
Notorious scatter plot worksheet (Mr Doll)
Greatest common factor foldable (Hodges Herald)*
Factor race math game (Laura Candler)
Common divisibility rules foldable (That Math Lady)*
Decimal models worksheet (Michelle Moon)
Writing decimals in expanded number form (Raise the Rigor)*
Understanding decimals foldable (Fun in Room 4B)*
Decimal operations flow chart (Susan Thomas)
Converting fractions and decimals foldable (Middle School Math Moments)*
Why decimals repeat: Converting fractions to decimals (IgnitED)
Decimals art (Susan Ferdman)
Dividing decimals (Chelle)
Pirate decimal game (Teaching 5th Grade in Georgia)
Fractions and demicals reader’s theater script (Rosalind Flynn)
Basketball throws calculations (Mindy Rosenberg)
Teacher guide: Decimals and fractions grade 5 (The iTeach Hub)
Teacher for a Day: Decimals, Percents, Fractions (Performing in Fifth Grade)
Maths about me activity (Mrs. West Knows Best)
Gallon robots craftivity (Laura Candler)
Units of weight foldable (Tanya Villacis)*
Customary measurement conversions foldable (Laura Candler)*
Mean, median, mode and range foldable (That Math Lady)*
Tangram polygon explorations (Laura Candler)
Type of triangle foldable (Ambedu)*
Lines, rays, and segments foldable (That Math Lady)*
Scientific notation foldable (Miss Shanky’s Math Shack)*
Number properties foldable (That Math Lady)*
Understanding decimals foldable (Fun in Room 4B)
Triangles math foldable (That Math Lady)*
Finding perimeter foldable (To the Square Inch)*
Mystery Perimeters learning packet (Laura Candler)
Island Conquer Game: Area and perimeter (Laura Candler)
Understanding expressions foldable (Fun in Room 4B)*
Solving a system of equations foldable (The Crafty Math Teacher)*
Slope foldable (Bovio Math Creations)
Spot Math (Ying Zhang)

Note: An asterisk (*) indicates a foldable which can be used with an interactive notebook or lapbook. Most of our science, math, nature study, creative writing, and global study work is composition notebook-based. A tilde (~) indicates a printable book, or emergent reader.

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