Museum Monday at the Museum of Natural History.

This past Monday, Max learned about local dinosaurs with a little hands-on paleontology at the University of Alabama’s Museum of Natural History’s Museum Monday.

The girls and I wandered around the museum lobby for a little while to make sure Max wouldn’t miss us too much. Which turned out to be nothing approximating a problem of any sort….

Max hardly noticed when we left….

A friend and a friend of a friend and I dropped our olders ones off and then wandered over the quad for some spring fever frolicking with the little people.

The clovers and wildflowers advertised the glories of chlorophyll all around us. It was hard to look past such a vibrant shade of green.

Of course, the little people immediately begin collecting clover flowers. We were amazed at how much they smelled exactly like, well, clover honey!

Milla got a little excited when she learned that the bees have a special relationship to the clover flowers that accounts for the way in which their scent is like “a honey and butter sandwich”.

Just as we moms plopped down in the grass, the girls returned with a large log. We spotted them about 100 feet away walking side by side with the sun behind them when lo and behold, the lasses brought some decomposed wood. Wonders never cease.

A headless pile of bricks in the grass became a “castle” to which they urgently needed to return after we went inside for a bathroom break and just long enough for me to purchase a coffee and spill it all over the floor while apologizing profusely to the staff and trying to clean it with paper napkins as the girls climbed a potato chip shelf. Sometimes the only way to describe the momentum involves a run-on sentence.

The “castle” from our vantage point kerplunck in the grass.

To join the fun, add one of these upcoming dates to your family calendar. Or check the Alabama Museum of Natural History Facebook page for more details. (Hint: it helps if you “like” it.)

April 1 – Museum Monday 3:45 – 5 (Grades K – 5 – $8)

April 5 – Growing Up Wild 10 – noon (Pre-school – $2)

April 6 – Sander’s Lecture 10 – 2 (General Public – Free)

May 6 – Museum Monday 3:30 – 5 (Grades 1-5 – $8)

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