An X marks the must-visit spots. A line indicates that the blog is on sojourn but still worth perusing.

Adious Lounge
All Things Go
Any Major Dude with Half a Heart
Asleep on the Compost Heap
Babylon Noise x
Bedwetting Cosmonaut
Benn loxo de taccu
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Blow Up Doll
Cactus Mouth
Chromewaves x
Common Folk Meadow
Common Folk Music
Count Me Out x
Cover Lay Down x
Einstein Music Journal
Fiddlefreak Folk x
fillessourires x
Folkhive x
Folk Radio UK
For the Sake of the Song x
Gorilla Vs. Bear
Heard Instinct
Hearth Music
Keep the Coffee Coming
PreWar Blues
lalalala (french pop bliss)
Lonesome Music
Mandolin Cafe (mandolin love)
Middle Class White Noise (thoughtful bourgeoisishness)
More Cowbelle (delicious source of cowbelling)
motel de moka(treasure scoops)
Music for Kids Who Can’t Read Good (good mixtapes)
Music for Morons (bips and blips)
Music Savage (reviews and shows)
Muruch x
My Aimz Is True (good old-fashioned glitter and gall)
My Old Kentucky Blog (a former favorite)
Natural Beardy x
New Music Collaborative (Boston muses)
No Depression x
Nothing But Green Lights
Obscure Sound (underdog deluxe)
Oliver di Place (good taste in voices)
Paste (the magazine)
Peer Validated (striving to be the one-stop shop)
Pitchfork (reviews and interviews)
Ragged Words (live)
Raven Sings the Blues x
Requiem Pour Un Twister (french words but rriotish sounds)
Said the Gramophone x
Slowcoustic (americanisms)
songsillinois x
Spoilt Victorian Child
Swear I’m Not Paul (bootlegs)
Sugar in the Gourd (traditional perfections)
The Catbirdseat
The Digital Outhouse (“a place for digital shit”)
The Gobbler’s Knob
The New Folk Revival (new folk revolution chronicles)
This Mornin’ I Am Born Again (an old favorite that passed)
The Old Time Herald (old-time music depot)
The Old Weird America (delicious curiosities and folksays)
There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You (from the old days)
Those Who Dig (heady mix of things)
Twangville x
Uncle Gil’s Rockin’ Archives
Volcano Nerd Rodeo
Wears the Trousers
When You Awake
Yew Piney Mountain
You Ain’t No Picasso


Active Child
Akron / Family
Amy Millan
Arcade Fire
Austin Basham
Balthrop, Alabama
Bela Fleck
Broken Social Scene
Cat Power
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Clem Snide
Crooked Fingers
David Pajo / Papa M
Eef Barzelay
Frank Black
Gogol Bordello
Gretchen Peters
Hayseed Dixie
Iris Dement
Iron and Wine
John Prine
Mason Jennings
M. Ward
Malcolm Holcombe
Neko Case
Okkervil River
Over the Rhine
Serge Gainsbourg
Solomon Bourke
Stephen Merritt
Steve Earle
The Avett Brothers
The Be Good Tanyas
The Debutante Hour
The Gourds
The Hackensaw Boys
The Magnetic Fields
The Modern Lovers
The Mountain Goats
The Pine Hill Haints
Tom Waits
Yo La Tengo

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