Oh, valentines…..


“But isn’t Valentine’s Day just another one of those holidays where we get lots of candy?”

ALINA presses her palm against forehead:

“Oh geez. I guess that’s what it’s become, right? But if it has any meaning whatsoever, Max, it’s not about candy.”


“I know…. it’s about love. And getting cards and candy.”


“Maybe it’s about giving love as well as getting things. Really, the history makes it open-ended.”


“I like it because it’s about pink and red, my old favorite colors.”


“My fav-rit color orange.”

MAX, laughing with Micah:

“So what are we going to about Valentine’s day, mom?”


“Great question, Max. What should we do?”

So here’s the challenge generated by my conversation with these three handsome, dirty gurus: To make something meaningful from Valentine’s Day which centers on the virtues of love (as opposed to the virtues of consumption and candy) or to make nothing of this day at all.

Because I don’t want to celebrate “just another one of those holidays where we get lots of candy”. Neither do I want to celebrate one of those holidays where we use valentines to live out popularity contests and the misfortuntes of Social Darwinism as we blindly frame our lives in the shadows of mediocre social-theory-turned-ideology.

As we continue our search for a meaningful Valentine, I can’t help enjoying the inspiration and possibilities of the making side…. Maybe it’s the fallback position- it’s easier for me to make something pretty than it is to make something meaningful. Discovering and sharing the meanings of our lives is almost more cliche than fast-food. I think that makes it an important challenge, albeit one I’m tempted to leave to the kids as I concoct crafteries.

1- Heart-shaped tea bags (Martha Stewart)
2- Pipe cleaner heart toppers (The Sweetest Occasion)
3- Heart in hands craft (Storytime Crafts)
4- All natural Valentine’s Day treats (No Time for Flashcards)
5- Giant letter valentine (Oh Happy Day)
6- Pine tree branch candle holder (The Pink Doormat)
7- Arrow valentines (Two Shades of Pink)
8- Printable skunk love tattoos (The Allison Show)
9- Love note door hanger (Annily Green)
10- Hearts stitched together stitched valentine (Dandee Designs)
11- Clay heart necklace (Michelle’s Journal Corner)
12- Tree heart installation (Oh Happy Day)
13- Heart banner printables (The Sweetest Occasion)
14- Kid-sewn valentine bookmarks (Our Improv Show)
15- Toddler valentine’s noodle necklace (The Alison Show)
16- Heart pot holder with template (A Spoonfull of Sugar)
17- Origami heart (Martin Jackson)
18- Stamped clay hearts (The Sweetest Occasion)
19- Yarn wound hearts (Shelterness)

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