ONLY ONE YOU by Linda Krantz: A family craft.

Grandma Vicki always sends the loveliest books. The latest, Only One You by Linda Kranz, encourages individuality in the context of love and respect for family.

Krantz’ love for all the colors of the rainbow makes this a joyful read. Even the inside jacket catches and keeps wandering little eyes.

In the book, a young fish named Adri receives different words of wisdom from his parents. At the end of the book, Adri remembers his parents words of wisdom as he sets out to be his own person.

The illustrations are so exciting that the munchkins were captivated and wanted to read the book again and again.

Krantz describes the story as one “about a deep love that is shared between parents and their child” which emphasizes the importance of sharing wisdom across generations. In her own words:

As parents, our hope is that our words will be embraced and stored away until they are needed. I wanted this colorful story to be a springboard that allows families to talk about memories and life lessons with their children. There is certainly no more enjoyable close to a busy day than sharing a special story with your child.

As adults, we get tangled up in our busy, everyday schedules, and we need to be reminded that we should be making time for ourselves and family. We should be enjoying life each and every day.

Since the little fish in the book are painted on rocks, I thought we could extend the tidbits of wisdom offered by the book into a family craft. So, when we went for a walk in the park on Friday night, I told Max and Micah to make sure they found a rock which “looked like” them to bring home. I picked a big ole rock for Mr. Patrick, a stingy little rock for myself, and a precious round rock for Milla.

On Saturday morning, we read about Adri again and then went outside with our rocks and painting supplies. Everyone painted their rock to resemble themselves. Micah painted Milla’s rock while Milla shared her thoughts on how kudzu vines seem to get greener every day.

Interestingly enough, the most fantastic rock was painted by Mr. Patrick, whose self-concept is apparently wilder and more winsome than I’d imagined. Nothing like painting rocks together to remind a wife that it’s okay to be somewhat fascinated by her husband.

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