Our lemonade stand.

Of all the days to raise money for a good cause, this morning might just have been the hottest. All proceeds from Max’s lemonade stand will be sent to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, so we were hoping that we might have more than $20 to send.

After making signs and cookies last night, we were a little late getting started this morning, but no matter- everything came together in its usual, Schumpeter-inspired way. Patrick went out with Max to get ice and put up signs. By the time they returned, Milla had finished nursing and the lemonade was ready to go. Max sat outside in the sweltering heat; he manned the stand with enthusiasm, which involved screaming, “Lemonade” at passing cars. Soon, Micah woke up and joined him.

The morning started slowly until Emma showed up and brought good luck. Then a few garage sale customers followed by a donor with an extra-large heart that left a twenty dollar bill. Max invented a dance to celebrate. He also decided that his goal would be to earn $100; I smiled and secretly thought he was overshooting it. A few cool neighbors whom we hadn’t ever had the opportunity to meet stopped by; one gentleman had hair even longer than Mr. Max’s (always fun). Things were picking up. And so was the temperature.

So Patrick set out the sprinkler as I refilled the lemonade and the munchkins soaked themselves in the water. Then we had a visit from Carol and Connie from the Woodland Hills Garden Club, such a lovely surprise… and my 5th grade teacher, whose wife was one of Emma’s professors at the University…. and suddenly there were more customers than Max could quickly serve. The heat, only bearable when you agreed to move in that slow and “lazy” (I say heat-adapted) Southern way, was too much for little Milla, who spent most of the morning in the house.

Even after the lemonade stand had officially ended, a gentleman whose daughter had been under the care of Children’s Hospital came by and left a huge bag of change and cash on the table. We discovered it later in the afternoon- such an awesome gift. Max had to sort and count all the money; I love those homeschooling exercises which come for free.

Thanks to the kindness of friends and strangers, Max will donate over $120 to Children’s Hospital. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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