Our wild and crazy weekend…

We started the weekend with a trip to Red Top Mountain in Georgia to celebrate the wedding of Ryan and Keturah Coryell. The weather was spotless, and the location rather sentimental for us, since we camped at the Red Top State Park the first night when we decided we wanted to start “dating”. Ask me about the part where Patrick took off his shirt and loaded the trunk with various trees he plucked from the ground– “kindling”, he called it. I think we just sat on rock that night watching the moon over the lake until the wee hours of the morning a little awed by the road we were considering.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t squeeze the nostalgia for all it was worth this time because the Red Top campground was full. We ended up camping at the McKinney campground about 3 miles away from Red Top State Park. It was lovely; Max fell asleep outside by the fire in a nest of blankets with the hum of old timey music on the radio. Sleep came simply after a day full of playing with Trey and Chance at the wedding.

Keturah, the beautiful bride, was escorted by her father. Ryan made his way down the aisle with the preacher who married them. Gary and Bradley sat in the last row with us. Max gave us his best wedding whoop when the groom kissed the bride. A lovely nuptial.

After catching up with the Coryell side of family, and meeting Aunt Russell’s lovely sister, Kate, (who used the phrase “kindred spirits”, which harkens back to my days as an L.M. Montgomery bookaholic), I learned about the family antique store in Atlanta– Kudzu Antique Market– which is now on my list of places to visit. How cool.

After waking with the sunrise on Sunday morning, we decided to hit the road in search of adventure. So we consulted the local stars, gas station attendants, and tourist brochures to discover the Prater’s Mill Country Fair. It satisfied (almost) all our cravings, including deep-fried Vidalia onions, homemade lemon creme cake, red beans and rice, alligator sausage, pony rides, live gospel music, avian explorations, good folks, good food, and a little slice of history on the side.

The gentleman featured above cuts bowls from tree trunks with a chain saw. We got to watch.

We also strolled through the Mill, which is still running. You can even purchase Prater’s Mill Grits inside (if you still have money left after pony rides).

After spending a few hours at the fair, we decided to follow our fancies to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Patrick remembered a park by the river– Coolidge Park– with a carousel and kid-friendly fun. We stuffed ourselves with ice cream and laughed as Max accosted various Sunday strollers that just so happened to pick the same park as our loquacious little man.

Onwards we ventured to Cloudland Canyon State Park, which took my breath away.

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