The best free embroidery and cross-stitch patterns and tutorials.

All of these are free, thanks to the kindness of fellow humans. Embroidery and cross-stitch patterns and tutorials are both included and linked. A P indidates a PDF printable pattern. Most patterns are printable as images. An F indicates a personal favorite.

A not-big person’s guide to cross-stitching (alina’s adventures) P
How to cross-stitch with your son (alina’s adventures) P
The School Book of Embroidery, circa 1935 P
The Windflower Stitch Guide (Windflower) P
scroll down to bottom of page for tutorials on specific stitches and techniques

16th century blackwork samplers (dragonbear)
anchor first cross stitch sampler (coats crafts) P
alphabet and animals (ulrika erdes)
child’s cross stitch sampler (coats crafts) P
“give me liberty or give me floss” sampler (cherrywood designs)
lurve shack valentine sampler (hancock’s house of happy)
matrix cross stitch sampler (hancock’s house of happy) P
petite pointe alphabet sampler (victoria sampler) P
rain rain go away sampler (rainbow gallery) P
spring sampler (coats crafts) P
summer sampler (ceclilia’s patterns) P

acorns on leaf (badbirds)
artex mushrooms (q is for quilter)
baby birds in a nest (needlecrafter)
birdies and flowers (cul de sac) P
birdies and flowers 2 (cul de sac) P
bluebird and fountain (needlecrafter)
cardinal and apple blossom (needlecrafter)
crow and corn cross stitch (victoria sampler) P
hummingbird in nest (badbirds) P
life around a mushroom pattern (pattern bee)
scarecrow (french knots)
small flower (carina’s blog) P + F
sunshiney day (lollychops) P + F
tree embroidery landscape (petite famille gouny) F
vintage bleeding heart (the craftsy tipster)
wildflowers (sandra rose) F
windmill and little birds (needlecrafters)

artichoke (the robots attack)
blackwork pears (needlework tips and techniques) P
cherries (floresita)
crowded peas (wild olive) P
hamburger and root beer float (jacque davis)
“hello jello” (hancock’s house of happy)
lemon cross stitch (hancock’s house of happy)
lonely little onion cross stitch (hancock’s house of happy)
silly food musicians set with patterns (french knots) P + F
super sushi cross stitch (hancock’s house of happy)
vintage herb patterns (pattern bee) P
vintage wacky fruit patterns (pattern bee) P

birds in ornate cage (needlecrafter)
dancing teapot potholder pattern (pattern bee) P
flatware dancers (french knots)
grumpy grill (wild olive) P
kitty potholder mit pattern (pattern bee)
kitchen tools (the woman of 1,000 hobbies)
rag dolls (needlecrafter)
salt and pepper shakers (french knots)
tiny chinese lantern (wild olive) P

“bowties are cool” (hancock’s house of happy”) P + F
calculator (heidi gagne)
calculator (my hiding place in cyberspace)
“cable tv ate my life” (jaque davis)
celebrating space invaders cross stitch (hancock’s house of happy) P
groovy vw van cross stitch (hancock’s house of happy)
lost in space robot (make do n mend)
“if this tardis is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin” (hancock’s house of happy)
little retro tv cross stitch (hancock’s house of happy)
“my lab, my rules” cross stitch (hancock’s house of happy)
phonehenge cross stitch (hancock’s house of happy)
planets (nerdy needle)
retro vintage sonic screwdriver (hancock’s house of happy) P
robot (jo4)
shift key sampler (the crafty cpa)
vintage camera 1 (the crafty cpa)
vintage camera 2 (the crafty cpa)
vintage camera 3 (the crafty cpa)

banksy feeling (fuldesign) P
barber shop quartet (needlecrafter)
bronco rider pattern (pattern bee)
choirboys (pattern bee)
emma goldman cross-stitch pattern (radical cross-stitch) F
fancy lady (broderie d’antan)
female head cross stitch (fuldesign) P
folk girl pattern (wyld hare) P
friends pattern (speckless) P
girl watering flowers (needlecrafter)
girl in native costume (wild olive) P
hardy couple cross stitch (broderies passion) P + F
little lemon slice girl (cate aneveski) P
michael jackson (fuldesign) P
vintage folk dancers (pattern bee)

banksy balloon (fuldesign) P + F
autumn child (sarah jane studios) P + F
back to school embroidery patterns (sarah jane studios) P + F
“here we go round the mulberry bush” (homeberries) P
“i play with dolls” (little dear tracks) P + F
kids with balloons (elemental stitches)
“little miss muffet” (homeberries) P
“our children are the greatest treasure of all” cross stitch (kreinik) P
“ring around the rosie” (homeberries) P
vintage little red riding hood (pattern bee)

baby giraffe with bib (french knots) F
baby on pillow (the baby gardner)
baby pram (the baby gardner)
flower babies (the baby gardner)
vintage alphabet blocks (sew she sews)

“all my love darling” (vintage transfer finds)
“bee mine” (E tropilis) P
“bee mine” (follow the white bunny) P
doodle heart(DMC) P
giving hearts (wild olive) P
hearts and birds (lace ‘n’ ribbon roses)
heart day sampler hearts (wild olive) P + F
heart o’ flowers (needle n’ thread)
kitty love chain (my so called crafty life)
“let’s strike up a match” (craftyminx)
“love ewe” (hancock house of happy) P + F
love is a squishy thing (corvus tristis)
“olive you so much” (wild olive) P
“toi et moi” (broderie d’antan)
“you are my anchor” (speckless) P + F
“you make my heart clank” (craftastical) P
“you stitched up my heart” (wild olive) P
“you’re a deer” (craftyminx)

banksy panda (fuldesign) P + F
blackwork bull dogs (tam’s creations) P
bunny reading (needlecrafter)
butterflies (needlecrafter)
butterflies (needle n’ thread)
crewel rooster (needle n’ thread) P
dance of the geckos (jenny rasmussen) P
deer family pattern (pattern bee)
ducklings (french knots)
fishing bear (needlecrafter)
foal (needlecrafter)
foxy felix (my hiding place in cyberspace) P + F
great gray owl cross stitch (crossed wing collection)
happy kitten with flower
kitten and bird
kitten in flower bowl (needlecrafter)
lamb with belled collar (needlecrafter)
little birds at mailbox (needlecrafter)
little ladybug (feeling stitchy)
mommy and baby whale pattern (badbirds) P + F
narwhal (feeling stitchy) P
owl cross stitch (kincavel crosses)
owl on a branch (needlecrafter)
pig and bird at water trough (needlecrafter)
rabbits pattern (pattern bee)
realistic jumping fish (needlecrafter)
return of the sheep (art threads)
sadie skunk (my hiding place in cyberspace) P + F
sketchy cats (speckless) P + F
small deer (needlecrafter)
small bird (needlecrafter)
smiling snail (needlecrafter)
stackable cats cross stitch (mochi mochi land) P + F
swirly sheep (rainbow gallery) P
three ducklings in a pond (needlecrafter)
turkey (needle n’ thread) P

acorns revisited (needle n’ thread)
blackwork carnations (tom pudding designs) P + F
decorative flower corner (needle n’ thread)
flower 4 (broderie d’antan)
flower 16 (broderie d’antan)
hanging flower (needle n’ thread)
mod flower (DMC) P
passion flower (needle n’ thread)
poinsettas (pattern bee)
simple daisy wreath (needle n’ thread) F
simple single flower (needle n’ thread)
slender flowers (needle n’ thread)
william morris flowery thingy (needle n’ thread)
whimsical flowers (broderie d’antan)

“amite” (friendship) cross stitch (broderies passion) P
aries zodiac blackwork (jan eaton) P + F
chinese bonzi tree (flowerchild)
crafty goddess symbol (my hiding place in cyberspace)
dutch clog
dutch couples doing chores (french knots)
gay pride ribbon cross stitch (artecy) P
golden circle hungarian design (needle n’ thread)
kokopelli (bird cross stitch) P
hungarian circle design (needle n’ thread) P
ichimatsu, japanese friendship doll (gingerbread cottage)
japanese house and birds ( embroiderist)
russian dolls pattern (hand embroidery network) P + F
russian embroidery motif (coats crafts) P
skull and crossbones (fuldesign) P

a snowy home (stanley moons) P
autumn patterns (pattern bee)
“bon annee” (broderies passion) P
canadian santa (victoria sampler) P
december stitching patterns (feeling stitchy)
easter egg of flowers (needle n’ thread) P
happy snow lady (the noble wife) P
peace snowman (primitives by the light of the moon) F
pennant patterns (wild olive) P
reindeer cross stitch (american folk arts)
santa’s train (rainbow gallery) P
seasonal band sampler (kincavel crosses)
shepherd (craft creations) P
snowflakes (love to sew)
snowman (badbird designs) F
summer coats embroidery pattern (speckless) P
three wise men cross stitch (craft creations) P
tiny easter eggs (wild olive) P
triangle tree (craft creations) P + F
winter sunrise (DMC)*
winter wonderland (cherry hollow designs)
xmas sampler (kincavel crosses)

belle in garden with flowers (needlecrafter)
dragon love cross stitch (dragon dreams)
elf and fairy pattern (pattern bee)
elves (vintage spice and everything nice)
eenies (annie oakleaves)
happy little gnome woodsman (hancock’s house of happy)
gnome (badbirds) F
gnome girl (my hiding place in cyberspace)
“gnome no evil” (my hiding place in cyberspace) P + F
mermaid (badbirds)
mushroom house (broderie d’antan)
norman the gnome (mindboggld)
pegasus and unicorn (badbirds) F
sluggo the dinosaur (wild olive) P
tales of wonder (caron) P
unicorn (my girl thursday) F
winged unicorn (little dear tracks)
yeti (corvus tristis)

bird in hot sun (needlecrafter)
birds kissing (needlecrafter)
love in the middle design (michelle clement) P
parterre du feu pattern (carina’s blog) P
pennsylvania dutch bird motif (needlecrafter)
quaker motif 2: bird in tree (needle n’ thread) P + F
rooster with jacobean flowers (needlecrafter)
stylized bird (needlecrafter)
three birds in a tree (needlecrafter)
two birds holding flowers (needlecrafter)

bird border (kodama)
counted thread bird border (needle n’ thread) P
daisy edging (needle n’ thread) F
floral corner (needlecrafter) F
flower border (needlecrafter)
flower border (needle n’ thread) F
pear and cherries borders (kodama)
red flower border (kodama)

3 geometric blackwork designs (tam’s creations) P
aqua medallion cross stitch (dmc) P + F
arts and crafts floral design (needlecrafter)
arts and crafts geometric (needlecrafter)
arts and crafts round floral (needlecrafter)
blackwork 8-point star (claire hupin-foreman) P + F
blackwork challenge 1 (tam’s creations) P
blackwork challenge 2 (tam’s creations) P + F
blackwork fill-in patterns from 16th century designs (karen larsdatter)
cool circles (needle n’ thread)
flowers and latticework (needlecrafter)
sunshine paisley patterns (craftastical) P

circus alphabet (q is for quilter)
“mrs” with x (french knots)
“n” for nest (needlecrafter)
sajou embroidey alphabet letters (antique pattern library)
vintage hanky monogram (french knots)
“w” for window (needlecrafter) P

“a stitch in time saves nine” (pattern bee)
“all the arms we need” (radical cross stitch)
“choose joy” (hudson holidays)
“chance made us sisters, hearts made us friends” cs (free patterns online)
“don’t be distracted” (wild olive) P
“fart” cross stitch (hancock’s house of happy)
“forget not” (pattern bee)
“funniest man in the world” cross stitch (hancock’s house of happy)
“give thanks every single day” (creative kismet)
“good night” (pattern bee)
“hello” in a cloud (sublime stitching) P
“home made, heart felt” (mindboggld)
“i heart community radio” (radical cross stitch) P
“i’ll be in my shed” cross stitch (hancock’s house of happy)
“look right” (wild olive) P
“prone to wander” (wild olive) P + F
“lest you forget” photo frame (polychrome)
“le fil de la joie” (broderie d’antan)
“let’s get crafty” (crafty modern) P
“peace” (kodama)
“reboot america” (dark lilac) P
“riots not diets” cross stitch (radical cross stitch) P + F
“shhhhhhhh” (wild olive) P
“the lover, the dreamers, and me” (wild olive)
“the will to work hard” (wild olive) P
“there’s a beautiful great big tommorow” with sunshine (wild olive) P
“whale fight” with whale (wild olive)

12 nursery rhymes quilt block patterns (pattern bee) P
a beginner’s embroidery project (prudent baby) P + F
ABC embroidered quilt top (q is for quilter) P + F
autumn acorns tea towel (robin kingsley)
baby name embroidery (lines across)
baby alphabet book (needlecrafter) P
“bibliophile” blackwork bookmark (kincavel crosses) F
blackwork bookmark (love cross stitch) P
blackwork floral corner bookmark (line flowers) P + F
cross stitch pendant (make zine)
dandelion flower curtain (coats and clark) P
elf stitchette embroidery patterns (wee wonderfuls) P + F
embroidered fabric postcard collage (feeling stitchy)
embroidered felt charm sunglasses rope (feeling stitchy)
embroidered happy wind sock (feeling stitchy)
embroidered heart card (materialistic) P + F
four seasons bean bags (the crafty cpa)
french cuisine tea towel embroidery with patterns (my patchwork)
flowerpot bookmark (needle n’ thread) P
funky folk art canvas (coats crafts) P + F
embroidered luggage tag (feeling stitchy)
flower of the month quilt patterns (pattern bee) P
ladybird needle keeper (adventures in thread)
lavendar cross stitch towel (coats crafts) P
ombre embroidery design sampler for the wall (design sponge)
rose garden picture (coats crafts) P
saucy pride and prejudice bookmarks (hancock’s house of happy) P + F
summer picnic ant tea towel (birdbrain desgins) P
tea time mug rug with pattern (wild olive) P + F
USA map with chevron background pattern (flamingo toes)
winter biscornu ( victoria sampler) P

cross stitch family portrait (martha stewart) F
embroidered portraits of family and friends (the habit of art)
embroidered portrait (country living)
refrigerator art by kids (feeling stitchy)
turning a photo into an embroidery pattern (sonenskadu)

basque stitch (sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials)
blanket stitch (sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials)
cable stitch (sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials)
chicken scratch stitch lesson 1 ( sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials) F
chicken scratch stitch lesson 2 ( sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials) F
cross stitch(sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials)
double cross stitch(sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials)
fishbone stitch (sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials)
fly stitch how-to (art threads)
french knots and faces (wild olive) P
herringbone and beaded blossom stitch how-to (craftside)
indian pachis work stitch (deep as home) F
japanese stem stitch (sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials) F
knotless embroidery how-to (solomon sewing)
ladder stitch (sarah witte)
magic chain stitch (sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials)
open water stitch (nuts about needlepoint)
outline stitch (sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials)
polka-dot stitch how-to (wild olive)
romanian couching stitch (kimberly ouimet)
sashiko stitch lesson 1 (sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials) F
sashiko stitch lesson 2 (sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials)
stem-stitch how-to (shiny happy world)
zig zag chain stitch ( sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials)

embroidery as art
feeling stitchy
hardcore stitch corps
hoopla: the art of unexpected embroidery
it’s daffycat
mr. x stitch
radical crossstitch
sublime stitching
subversive stitchers
wild olive

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