The end of summer playlist.

LA ISLA BONITA – Laura Barrett
(via Cover Lay Down, original by Madonna)
For my niece, Isla, who is as bonita as life gets.

BLOOD LOSS – Horrible Crowes
(via More Cowbelle)
For all the elderly who have captivated me with their stories this year.

LOW DOWN MONKEY BLUES – Tom Waits and the Replacements
(via Big Rock Candy Mountain)
For my husband, who loves winning combinations.

RUIN – Cat Power
(via 3Hive)
For the Tuscaloosa City Council who isn’t thinking longterm about the Eastern Bypass.

YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES – William Fitzsimmons
(via Cover Lay Down)
For all the wildflowers we’ve picked and all the fields we’ve laid across this year.

WHERE IS MY MIND – Trampled By Turtles
(via Cover Lay Down, original by The Pixies)
For Filip, who was with me when I first asked this question.

SHE IS STILL MY WEAKNESS – My Darling Weakness
(via Lonesome Music)
For lovers of parlor songs and zombies.

(via Cover Lay Down, original by The Beatles)
For the munchkins, who should know the words.

MY INTERNAL DIN – I Was Totally Destroying It
(via Those Who Dig)
For Mary, because pots, pans, and milk let-downs bring you to mind. That, and these girls would get on your nerves.

RIDING IN MY CAR – Bruce Springsteen
(via Cover Lay Down, original by Woody Guthrie)
For the Coryell family spaceship that gets us from here to the lark.

VERONICA BLUES – Horse Feathers
(via This Mornin’ I Am Born Again)
For Suebee and Pops who like similar things.

MY OLD FRIEND, THE BLUES – The Proclaimers
(via Cover Lay Down, original by Steve Earle)
For the red carpet which finds me there, blue.

THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN – The Gibson Brothers
(via Cover Lay Down, original by Steve Earle)
For Holt, where we found ourselves frequently.

CAN’T CHANGE ME – Lydia Loveless
(via More Cowbelle)
For Bunica, because’s she right on the metaphysics but wrong on the microcosm.

DO RE MI – Uncle Tupelo
(via Cover Lay Down, original by Woody Guthrie)
For Micah, who can’t stop singing.

(via Lonesome Music)
For Carla, because blood is blood.

MOUNTAIN TUNE – Trails and Ways
(via Those Who Dig)
For Matt and Sarah I just can’t quite put my finger on it.

SURE N’UFF N’ YES I DO – Ralph Stanley
(via Those Who Dig)
For those who live on Crescent Ridge Road.

LITTLE BLACK STAR – Hooray for the Riff-Raff
(via More Cowbelle)
For Milla, who’s “just like her daddy”.

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