The One Lovely Blog Award.

My first response to being nominated for the One Lovely Blog award was surprise- oh but I’ve been so un-lovely lately- then gratitude to Jordan for her generous heart. It’s a gift to live life and write your way through it- and an honor to discover “kindred spirits” who encourage you along the way.

Now for the robes and rituals. There are 3 simple rules to accepting this award:

I am honored to officially accept this award from A Montessori Story. And it means the world to accept it from a fellow Alabama-raised female whose has lived beyond her borders. On her blog, Jordan Gurganus recounts her discoveries and inspirations as a Montessori teacher. I loved reading that Montessori opened the world of math to her because I feel that way about nature study and science. Perhaps a good teacher is one who loves learning a little more than she loves teaching so when the world opens its hands to her, she can’t help sharing.

Tweezing my legs while waiting for a train in Poland.

1. I was born in Romania and raised in Alabama. My parents defected from Ceausescu’s communist dictatorship when I was two years old. I don’t believe in birthrighteousness– the idea that where you are born should determine your right to live there. Citizenship snobbery makes me sad.

2. I homeschool my three children because I want to give them a gender-flexible, wonder-infused childhood filled with weeds, dirt, poetry, travel, and endless cultural horizons. People and places are more important than products to me. I’m not impressed by your house or garden though I may be impressed by your heart.

3. If you told me I’d be homeschooling my kids ten years ago, I would have laughed in your face and muttered a simplistic trope which stereotyped homeschoolers and revealed my own narrow perspective.

4. I’ve traveled the gamut of the political spectrum- Repubicrat, Demican, conservative, progressive, anarchist, you name it… Though I sometimes look back on my life with disbelief, I am grateful to have known political parties inside and out because it reminds me that ignorance and snobbery are more powerful than evil. Lesson learned: Empathy is my main political position.

5. Between the margins, I steal time to write.

6. There is nothing I fear quite as much as people who like power. And mean people. Maybe they’re one and the same.

7. I do not believe there is a correlation between happiness and success. On the other hand, there appears to be a strong connection between happiness and the ability to enjoy poetry. A girl can dream.

And my fifteen nominations..

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