Things that have happened while I took a blogging hiatus.

Nothing ever stops happening. Not ever. Not even when we agree to stop noting the happenings on a daily basis.

In between mid-summer and now, when I’ve returned to the old fun of telling our family story, days tumbled over one another and reminded me of how easy it is to miss so much when you aren’t taking time to process and appreciate the tiny things.

1. Days spent at CHOM sorting microbes, pretending to be Japanese, hitching a ride at the faux Farmer’s Market, and thanking various Eagle Scouts for kindly reminding my children to stop running inside the museum. I say “kindly” because their consistent kindness amazed me.

2. Max and Micah enjoyed two sessions of Summer Explorations at the Capitol School. In the photo above, Micah is recounting a fairy tale using props.

3. We went swimming at the lake with Angie when lo and behold Angie found her feet being nibbled by “big fish”. The kids cavorted around her chair, splashing away the fish and protecting their beloved Angie, who really had no desire to relate to fish in such an intimate manner.

4. Our week with Grandma Vicki and Bill brought us to the beach, where we savored the salt and sand on our skin after multiple dippings in the ocean. It was comforting to hear how she handled her migraines in her thirties, surrounded by three young boys, a husband, and a full-time job as a teacher. As she always says, “This too shall pass”- only I don’t want it to pass so quickly, migraines be darned. Here, Vicki looks as lovely in the morning as she does at sunset.

5. Bill and Max hang out after playing endless strategy games and chatting about all things interesting under the sun.

6. Micah played doubles tennis with myself, the King, and Bunicu after our visit with Pam, Matt, Sasha, and Bunicu on Ono Island. Interestingly enough, Max came away from the weekend with a firm grasp of Texas Hold ‘Em thanks to the teaching skills of Uncle Matt. How can I ever thank him enough? Hmmmm… maybe I’ll teach Sasha how to play Truth or Dare.

7. Milla paints the rain barrel. Thanks to Erin and Anna, we also have a stunning crop of flowers and a fairyscape beginning to appear on our front yard rain-guzzling friend.

8. Kevin took off for Mexico and now he’s sailing with Mike from the British Virgin Islands to Annapolis. That’s what sailors do for money- they sail boats around the world for wealthy people who don’t have time to sail them themselves. Life’s funny like that.

10. The ladies demonstrate a fourth of July dance at the Kirksey’s place. These days always include a choreographed dance led by Miss Micah and quickly appended by the Mills, who likes to keep her own beats.

11. Gorgeous Isla keeps blooming and growing, the smile on her little lips lovelier every day. My niece is the greatest little creature to enter my life this year….

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