Trips with travel tickets.

Inspired by that amazing Mom’s Minivan, I created some travel tickets that the kids can use to keep up with our trip as we drive to Ohio. Since the baby might require more frequent nursing stops, our travel time is up in the air, which means that we are going to play this game backwards from the manner indicated by Mom’s Minivan. Here’s the rub:

I used plain priter paper to cut out some “tickets” for our trip. Then I wrote “Max’s Trip Tickets” and “Micah’s Trip Tickets” on two brown paper bags and let the kids have a go at them with crayons. As they colored, I explained:

Tommorrow we are going on a long drive from Tuscaloosa in the state of Alabama to Dublin in the state of Ohio. This bag is what you will use to store the “trip tickets” you accumulate as we go. Color your heart out.

Trip tickets will be handed out every hour we spend traveling. This drive usually takes about 10 hours without munchkins, but our experience might be merrier and a little longer. We’ll see…

On each ticket, there will be space to write the hour we are on, how many hours we think we have to go, and the town or landmarks we are near at each hour. If you have been especially kind or shown great peace-making skills during that hour, I will draw a special sign on the back of your ticket. Each sign you earn will be redeemed for a candy of your choice at the candy store in Dublin upon arrival (if it is open, if not, when it opens).

When we arrive in Dublin, you can each draw a map of your journey on a big piece of craft paper color and paste trip tickets at various places along the way. Imagine your map as we drive. Add cool things you want to remember to your sketchbooks. And keep good track of your trip tickets so you can redeem them for candy (if they have the special surprise sign) or add them to your map.

Max had great questions about what exactly counts as behavior worthy of reward with a special sign on a trip ticket. I’m so glad he forced me to clear this up now as opposed to on the drive when things could get sticky.

So, Max has a great question. What behavior will earn a special sign on your trip ticket? If you are kind and caring to your siblings and adults in the car- kindness does not include screaming at each other, using your body to hurt or upset others, or thinking only of your own demands and wants- you will get a special sign. We will ALL want something on the drive and we have to decide which “want” is worthy voicing. I’m not going to give special signs to make you feel good or because you want them- I’m going to give special signs because you earn them.

Or something like that. If you’d like to print your own travel tickets to turn into a journey map, just download the pdf document below.

One Hour Travel Tickets printable (8 tickets to a page)

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