So here it is- my favorite way to play… Making things from other things we find throughout the day. Crafting with natural materials, organized by material. An P indicates printing pleasure can be satisfied, while a B indicates that this craft can be used as part of an outdoor playground or as furniture. And an F reveals a personal favorite at the castle.

This first section is organized by materials. To learn specific wildcrafting techniques, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Earthloom (Our Ash Grove) F
Nature every day calendar (Grass Stain Guru) P
Nature table (Tinkerlab) F
Play food from backyard materials (Wordplay House)
Wildcraft, the game

A plethora of land art inspirations (Riding with the Top Down)
Celebrate the wind (Mama Nature)
Forest land art (Tinkerlab)
Mother Nature (Colleen Proppe)
Pebbles and pinecones family game (Michele Made Me) F

Conversation love rocks (Red Bird Crafts)
Dough and pebbles paperweight (Shelterness)
Gold leaf river rocks (Roxy)
Hot rock art (Marghanita)
Indigenous inspired good luck stones (Red Ted Art’s Blog)
Knotless knitting story stone pendant (Basketmakers)
Ladybug rocks (Parenting)
Little nature guides (Natural Kids) B
Mouse picnic story stones(Red Bird Crafts)
Mushroom rocks (Parents)
Only one you family rock craft (alina’s adventures)
Oriental table warmers (Craftbits)
Painted rock napkin holder (Free Kids Crafts)
Painted rock playset (Family Fun)
Painted stones (Garden Mama)
Pebble mosaic for kids (TLC Family)
Pebble peeps (Piccsy)
Pebble pets (Kids Domain)
Pebble planter (Curbly)
Photo cairn (Garden Mama) F
Rainy any day plant markers (imagine childhood) B
Rock dominoes (Martha Stewart)
Rock necklaces (Go Explore Nature)
Rock thoughts, an experiment in crowdsourced storytelling
Rock your alphabet (Living With Punks)
Stamped rocks (Mom of 6)
Stone sundial (Lake Country Journal) B
Story stones (ohdeedoh)
Story stones: 4 ways to play (Color Me There)
Wet felted stones (The Magic Onions)

Beach stone lamp (Ashbee Design) F
Build a no-dig flower bed (BHG) B
Rock and wire photo holders (Daily Danny)

Beach wood peace sign (Little Miss Momma)
Driftwood and clay beads (Crow Roosters Crow)
Driftwood city (Alisa Burke)
Driftwood cottage (Acorn Pie)
Driftwood dragon (Unschool Me)
Driftwood photo display and wall hanging (Dollar Store Crafts) F
Driftwood sailboat (Wabi Sabi Wanderings)
Folk art from driftwood sticks (CS Alexis)

A Heart-Shaped Wreath Made from Things In Your Yard (from Make Stuff)
Beautiful branch weave (Natural Suburbia)
Bell shaker (Minieco)
Bows and arrows (imagine childhood)
Branch vase (Garden Mama)
Branch spools (Carolyn’s Homework) F
Carved play food carrots (Duo Fiberworks)
Carved play food scallions (Duo Fiberworks)
Dancing twigs (Aesthetic Outburst)
Dangly twig stars just add glue, glitter, and twine
Fishing rod (imagine childhood)
Harry Potter magic wand (alina’s adventures)
How to make nests (Martha Stewart)
Ironwood branch spools (alina’s adventures) P
Large twig tipi (Creekside Learning)
Make a magic paintbrush (The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty) P
Make your own outdoor xylophone(Playopedia) P
Mini treehouse(Word Playhouse) P
Nature mobile (Made By Joel)
Rain sticks (Creative Kids at Home)
Rainbow-wrapped wreath (Duo Fiberworks)
Rustic wood star roasting sticks (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Split willow dolls (Native Tech)
Split willow stick deer (Native Tech)
Stick men (Red Ted Art’s Blog)
Stick stars (A Foothill Home Companion)
Stick wall hanging (Fiks*d) F
Tamarack stick goose decoys (Native Tech)
The story stick (The Butterfly Jungle)
Twig book (Playful Learning)
Twig buttons (Rhythm of the Home)
Twig flower pots (nini makes)
Twig teepee (Alina’s Adventures)
Twig weaving tutorial (Ashbee Design)
Weaving sticks (Jennifer Rieke) F
Wilding sticks and nature bracelets (Full Circle)
Whittle your own crochet hooks (Stramenda)
Willow whistle (Wikihow)
Woodburning 101 (Little Blue Boo)
Woodland sprites from branches (Ashbee Design) F

Tree stump drawers (Lori Danelle) F
Tree stump planters (Shelterness)

A pallet wood painting (Hello Sunshine)
Birdhouse, just sub reclaimed wood (Skip to My Lou) B
Cheerful sandbox (Dana Made It) B
Color mobile(Red Bird Crafts) B
DIY stamps(Playbased Learning)
Embellished wood pencil block (Design Sponge) F
First loom for preschoolers(My Mommy Makes It) B
Floating swim dock(Vintage Projects) P
Garden toadstools (Twig and Toadstool) B
German wood carving (Duo Fiberworks) P
How we built a mud pit(Having Fun At Chelle’s House)
Little Free Library building plans (Little Free Library) P + F
Make a wooden toy boat (The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty) P
Make your own hangers (Free People Blog)
Pencil block woodworking (Playopedia)
Rustic Birdhouse (from Better Homes and Gardens)
Scrap wood sculpture (Lilla A.)
Shower Curtain Planter (from ReadyMade magazine)
Shapes and colors memory game (Dandee Designs)
Tree blocks (Counting Coconuts)
Vertical garden from reclaimed wood (Curbly)
Wood bead necklace (Little Lovely)
Wooden coasters made from wood slices (bread and buttons)
Wooden Figure Key Hanger (from Make Stuff)
Wood slice flowers, small (Ashbee Design) F
Wood slice flowers, large (Ashbee Design) F

Camping party pinecone details (Willowday)
Pinecone bear (Design Squish) P
Pinecone fairies (Red Ted Art’s Blog)
Pinecone flowers (See Jane Blog)
Pinecone garland (The Paper Mama)
Pinecone owl craft (5 Orange Potatoes)
Natural garlands (Family Fun)
Pinecone cardinal (Martha Stewart)
Pinecone and acorn owl collage (The Little Nook)

Acorn cap bowl craft (Danielle’s Place)
Acorn cap floating candles (Recylart)
Acorn bells (This Cosy Life)
Acorn frame (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Acorn jewelry (5 Orange Potatoes) F
Acorn marble painting (The Educators Spin On It)
Acorn people (Shared Threads)
Black walnut basket dye (Basketmakers)
Woodland fairy folk (Twig and Toadstool)
Vintage acorn animals (Design Squish)

Northwest Coast Indian basketry techniques (Burke Museum) F
Ojibwa pine needle dolls (Native Tech)
Pine needle heart (Living Crafts)

Homemade Grass Soap
Paint brushes made from weeds and grasses (Mommy Labs)
Toy cattail dolls (Native Tech)
Sewn cattail mats (Native Tech)
Weave with nature (Child In Harmony) B

Birchbark basket (Twig and Toadstool)
Birchbark cutouts (Native Tech)
Birchbark makaks (Native Tech)
Birchbark utensils (Native Tech)
Birch bark hanging lamp (Info Home)
Birchbark seamless containers (Native Tech)
Birch bark weaving, an ancient craft (Homesteading Today)
Make a bark boat (The Magic Onions)
Mini birchbark fans (Native Tech)
Tiny birchbark canoe (lil fish studios)

Autumn leaf bunting (The Artful Parent)
Backyard painting with nature (teach mama)
Easiest leaf wreath (Willowday)
Fall leaf lanterns (Imagine Childhood)
Framed leaves (Parents)
Leaf casting with plaster of paris (The Artful Parent) F
Leaf collection book and template (Kidzone)
Leaf crayon rubbings (Mommy Labs)
Leaf garland and leaf jump ropes (Willowday)
Leaf paintings (Katie Brown)
Leaf prints using gelatin (Curbly)
Leaf threading (Playing In Prep)
Leafy animal (San Diego Zoo)
Making cards with pressed leaves (Playful Learning)
Making leaf prints with ink (Handbook of Nature Study)
Making nature prints in sculpey (The Artful Parent)
Pounded leaf and flowers prints shirt (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Printing, painting and stamping with leaves (Mommylabs)
Wax paper leaf book (Lori Joy Smith)
Woodland people (Red Ted Art’s Blog)

Crushed flower experiment (Tinkerlab)
Dandelion lemonade (Learning Herbs)
Easiest DIY midsummer crown (Willowday) F
Floral crown (The House That Lars Built)
Flower arranging (Playful Learning)
Flower rainbows (Ordinary Life Magic)
Lavender water (The Magic Onions)
Make dandelion crowns (Active Kids Club)
Make recycled handmade paper inlaid with leaves and petals (Mommy Labs)
Nature medallion (Imagination Tree)
Nature sketches (Playful Learning)
Painted sun prints (Skip to My Lou)
Petal crowns (Playopedia)
Petal pictures (A Magical Childhood)
Pressed flower keepsakes (Go Explore Nature)
Pressing flowers (Playful Learning)
Pounded flower bookmarks (The Crafty Crow)
Pounded leaf and flowers prints shirt (Factory Direct Craft Blog)
Pressed flower bookmarks (Playful Learning)
Weave with nature (Child In Harmony) F
Sunprint (Playful Learning)
Tea soap (Cucumbersome)
Natural tie-dye purse (bookhou at home)

Lichen tree wreath (Livs Lyst)
Mushroom dyeing (Resurrection Fern)
Make a fairy garden (TinkerLab)

Chime bracelet made from shells (Family Fun)
Seashell jewelry (Land of Nod)
Seaside windchime (Hillbilly Jillies)
Shell vase (Home Life)
Summer necklace (Growing Up Creative)

Bamboo wind chimes (Apartment Therapy)
Creating a vine teepee with bamboo (Natural Learning) P + B + F
Make An Indian Teepee (Ernest Thomas Seton) B
Spring theatre (imagine childhood) B

Make sand beads (Red Ted Art’s Blog)
Plaster of Paris sand prints (Beauty and Bedlam)

Backyard sod sofa (Readymade)
Clay birds (Sun Hats Wellie Boots)
Clay coil snake (Awesome Artists) P
Clay creations booklet (Awesome Artists) P
Clay slab cut away lesson(Awesome Artists) P
Clay spiral heart pendant necklaces(The Chocolate Muffin Tree)
Dig and use your own local clay(Alina’s Adventures)
Leaf imprint stepping stones (Garden Therapy) B
Local clay round placeholders or word rocks (The Violet Hours)
Mini mudbrick houses (imagine childhood) B
Mud painting pictures (Curly Birds)
Make a pinch pot (Awesome Artists) P
Make a sun slab (Awesome Artists) plus photo examplesP
Make an animal pot (Awesome Artists) plus photo examplesP
Make a terrarium (Blissfully Domestic)
Make fossils (The Crafty Classroom)
Nature impressions (Paint Cut Paste)
Pebble plaque (Parents)
Planning a spring garden (imagine childhood)
Plaster fossils (Our Big Earth)
Plaster and burlap picture (Louise Gale) F
Plaster casting with Playdoh molds (The Artful Parent) F

Corn husk dolls (Garden Mama)
Corn husk boy doll (Lenape Indians)
Corn husk flower child doll (Free People Blog) F
Corn necklace (The Magic Onions)
Native corn jewelry (Garden mama)
Oneida corn husk dolls with legend (Manataka American Indian Council)
Twined corn husk bottles (NativeTech)

Ice lanterns (Willowday)
Icy treasure hunts (Willowday)
Snow angels with poetry (alina’s adventures)
Snow dyeing (Willowday)

Natural dye tutorial I (Shivaya Naturals)
Natural dye tutorial II (Shivaya Naturals)
Principles of natural dyeing (Aurora Silks)

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